Core strength - Plank

Jan 31st '18 15:50 PM
Test your core strength and PLANK #plank

Plank Plank Plank

Time your planks and watch your core strength improve

How to plank:
Elbows on the floor beneath you shoulders and bring your back down to a straight position. Brace your abs and hold.

Common mistakes planking:
  1. Arching the back - this will put pressure on your spine. Widen your palms on the floor until comfortable.
  2. Dipping the hips - this will put strain on your back. Keep you hips raised and squeeze those glutes.
  3. Raising you head - Keep your head looking at the floor and in line with the rest of your body, you don't want to feel a strain in your neck. Bringing your chin closer in towards you as the plank gets tense is ok.

What are planks good for?
The plank is a true test of your core strenght.
You will engage the muscles in your abdominals, lower back, hips and arms all in one exercise.

Feb 1st '18 11:15 AM
I love planking. It sounds so simple and easy to do, but it's surprising how difficult it can be.
I need to get back into doing these!
Feb 2nd '18 10:49 AM
I agree. I got to a point I could plank 15kg on my back but not atm I’ve really shot my fitness
Feb 20th '18 22:40 PM
PLANKS are one of the best core workouts. Up to 2:30 mins sets of 3. Great way to end a workout.
Mar 24th '19 15:49 PM
Can someone explain an easier way to plank, this is too hard especially with a spinal injury.
Mar 25th '19 12:58 PM
I'd not be too sure if you should do any planking with an existing spinal injury. I'd have thought it's an avoid and would ask your physio... I'd not like to say!
Mar 26th '19 11:59 AM
My physio has me doing her personal routine but she strongly disagrees on doing it since I also have minimal movement
Mar 31st '19 17:59 PM
thx for the great post!
Dec 27th '19 18:02 PM
Might start doing these too. Do you think Planks help with running?

Dec 28th '19 11:59 AM
I would imagine so, planking will build a stronger core therefore will improve you running form which will improve those abs! I’m going to read on it. I’m going to do some planking before bed at work, I can’t do much that will make noise haha!