Exercising with little space

Jul 10th '17 23:37 PM
So the only space I have to work out in is my bedroom, which is absolutely tiny.
I have probably less than one meter square, I do own 2 dumbbells, and so far the exercise I'm doing is just squats and curls(?)
I'm a complete beginner and don't know much terminology, so please explain what anything complicated is

Anything I can do while sitting at my desk would be super helpful too.
Oh, and I recently started running, but it's veeery hard, I can jog for maybe 20-30 seconds tops and it makes me dizzy, is this how it's like for everyone who starts running? I don't have any problem walking 1-2 miles but running is so much harder!
Aug 9th '17 19:19 PM
theres loads you can do with two dumbells and a little space.
shoulder press, goblet squats, floor press, kickbacks, lunges, planks, if strong you can do pistol squats (can use wall to help) farmers walk, push ups etc.. google will probably give better guides to thise exercises than me

as for jogging it is nuch harder than walking, dizzyness suggests either bp is going up or more likely you arent getting enough oxygen. try focussing on a breathing rythym... and start off jogging very slow
Aug 10th '17 08:44 AM
thats some great advice there. no excuse to exercise will google a few of those and try them out. thanks very much
Aug 10th '17 09:04 AM
No worries! Only other things id say about resistance training though

Warm up thoroughly- and stretch afterwards, i sometimes am not thorough on this and its a mistake

Dont worry about building big muscles, it wont happen.

Personally i believe resistance training where your not working hard to finish the set is a waste of time, i think the muscle needs micro trauma to strengthen

Finally i really believe weight training is essential if on a calorie deficit if you want to keep LBM

Right ive spammed this board enough so will shut up...good luck!