Cross Trainer?

Jan 13th '17 12:19 PM
Hi, I never owned any gym equipment at home before. I am thinking about buying a second hand cross trainer. There are some really cheap ones about at the moment, so I wouldn't be too out of pocket.

I have quite dodgy knees (because I am very FAT) haha so I am guessing this is better for me than running?

I can't quite bring myself to go to the gym here even to try out stuff for a couple of reasons, 1. the Danes are very puzzled by weight probs so stare quite a bit (I must say they are incredibly lovely people in general though, they just don't get how someone can be big) and 2. the changing rooms, oh deary me, well suffice to say, you can't be shy. Swimming.... don't get me started, there are signs showing you have to shower naked and be seen to be washing *all* your bits by others

At the moment I am just walking but be good to have something to do in the house with such dark days at the moment and horrible weather.

Sorry, I've gone on a bit there. Thanks in advance if you have any input
Jan 13th '17 13:37 PM
Oh wow, the washing in the showers is like being back at school and having to shower after PE classes hated it then too

I'm no fitness expert by any means! But, I think that a cross trainer would be better for you if your knees aren't so good. Mostly because when you go running, the impact of your foot hitting the ground won't do you any favours.
If you're on a cross trainer, you can pace yourself better and there's no sharp impact on your legs
Plus, if your knees get really sore after a while, you don't have to worry about making your way home in any pain
Jan 13th '17 13:58 PM
Thanks Sarah I thought it did look like it would be better for bad knees and feet than running, might have to go look at some this weekend
Jan 13th '17 13:59 PM
just quick reply as i'm on way out the door but had to reply to this post.

The Crosstrainer a few years ago saved my life.
its a perfect starter work up piece of equipment. if you have one use it.
When i first started on one i kid not that i could NOT do 2mins with no resistance at all.
i used to be very unhealthy smoked my head off which resulted in my been diagnosed with a mild COPD (lung damage)
I stopped the cigs and began my journey back to health with a cross trainer. yesterday i ran 6k day before 5.4 k ... the cross trainer works.. sorry had to say it and hope it helps
Jan 13th '17 14:02 PM
Thank you delian It does help, thank you. I am glad to hear it sounds just like what I need to get started.
Jan 13th '17 15:18 PM
If you can only do 2 minutes at a time... do 2 minutes rest do another 2 then you can build from there. just make a regular commitment and go for a little more each time.
a little is always better than none at all and if nothing else its a start. With a cross trainer as with any training machine you can increase resistance as you progress but progress with enjoyment or soon enough you end up giving up. least that's the way i've found it.
What i would say also is listen to your body ,be kind to it, its the only one you've got
Jan 13th '17 19:58 PM
Thanks for your encouragement delian Much appreciated.

Been so lucky today, husband mentioned to work colleague we were looking at cross trainers and his cousin had one he doesn't use which he is extremely kindly giving us for free. So husband's just gone to pick it up. How brilliant
Jan 14th '17 00:13 AM
nice one.. see its meant to be