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Stretching for flexibility

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Jul 5th '16, 18:43 PM  
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Stretching for flexibility

I have NADA flexibility, honestly! Does anyone have any good routines/videos? I want to work on front splits first! I normally try to stretch straight after a pole work out
Jul 7th '16, 14:17 PM  
Socially Shy
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Hello fellow poler!

I have been stretching for flexibility for a while as I had none to start with. I'll give you my routine, although most of my stretching is for my legs as those are the worst.

I start with a Forward Fold for about 30 seconds.
I go into Swan/Hurdle Stretch and do 30 seconds each leg.
I do Downward Dog for about 30 seconds (try to get your heels on the floor)
I then do runners stretch, 30 seconds each leg.
Then I try Straddle stretch bringing my arms as far as I can in front of me for 30 seconds, I repeat this twice.
Then I do the same but bring my legs in front, and repeat that twice for 30 seconds.
Hip Opener stretch for 30 seconds each leg

I vary it now and again but this has brought my legs back from the brink of no flexibility. I am trying to work towards front splits as well.
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