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Apr 13th '16, 18:29 PM  
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muffin top

Anyone got any great ideas for getting rid of a hideous muffin top I've had it since having my little girl but try as I might swimming five times a week and sit up leg raises etc its refusing too budge while everything around it is decreasing in size its making me feel pretty glum
Apr 13th '16, 19:48 PM  
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I've just googled 'exercises to tone waist' and it's brought up loads of results. There's an article in The Guardian's website that gives 5 exercises to tone up your torso.
There will be loads of exercises on YouTube too. Might be worth looking at some yoga too?

I know very little about what exercises tone what part of your body so I'm of very little help really! Google always comes to my rescue in these situations

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Apr 27th '16, 13:56 PM  
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Hi Mummybea!

A reduced carb diet along side some training is a massive step. More intense more carbs though although food goals are different for everyone.

Would you consider joining a local fitness group for training/circuits? DVDs at home such as the 30 day shred appear to be highly recommended or you could create your own workouts:
Planks (1 or 2 arms/on hands or arms)
Hollow rocks
Mountain climbers
Sit-ups* (over head with weight/weights/weight plate)

If you can incorporate any weights that would be amazing (where they can be used I've stared).

High intensity cardio also good. The best FREE way is sprints, a great fat burner vs slower road running

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