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How do you weigh your body fat %?

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Apr 18th '15, 08:50 AM  
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How do you weigh your body fat %?

I have some salter scales which I know aren't accurate but they have a steady result and give em a good idea that things are changing.

I also have the fitbit aria which I would not recommend. The results are all over the place by 5-10% some days. The weight is accurate but I wouldn't even use the BF results as a guide that things are going the right way.

AT my old gym they did your normal measurements and then a body fat analyzer that used a some kind of sensor cable that attached to your hand and toe.

Where I am now they use the BodyMetrix system ... this is super cool. I had 8 areas of my body scanned for accurate results and measurements. I am wondering if Santa will buy me one, what do you think ... http://www.cartwrightfitness.co.uk/b...th-flight-case ? - More information on the BodyMetrix *HERE*!

So what about you guys?
Apr 18th '15, 13:19 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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I have no idea what my body fat % is.

The scanner sounds cool though
Apr 26th '15, 00:54 AM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Quote by Kel View Post
The scanner sounds cool though
It does sound cool! If only I'm not too hasty on fat %!
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