Exercise & Young children

Jan 15th '15 22:32 PM
How do you manage to exercise, I would like to get out running but I have my son at home with me during the day. Where do I find the time??
Jan 16th '15 08:46 AM
It is so hard to exercise with young children, isn't jg! My husband works different shifts every week which makes it harder as he can only look after our almost 3 year old at certain times due to the shifts. Is there anyone who can look after your LO while you go for a run? I find that I have to fit in workouts at odd times! Is there any workouts you can do at home? I used to do kettlebell workouts in the house
Jan 16th '15 08:57 AM
My partner is the same works really odd shifts and when he's not working he is a keen cyclist so is usually off doing a sportive or something.
I thought about setting my alarm a little earlier so I could go out before everyone wakes up but its so dark still in the mornings.
I'll do some basic ones at home that I can do, and go from there. I get out walking every day with my son in the oral and that's a work out walking up our huge hill!!!
Jan 16th '15 17:40 PM
I would suggest trying to work it so that you can bring your child along with you. I have a little girl who is almost 2 months old now so I ordered a stroller so that I could bring her along on walks with me.
Jan 16th '15 18:51 PM
He comes for walks with me its just when I want to start running. I can do one morning a week as he's just starting preschool but it's every other day!! Will just stick to the brisk walking and any other exercise I can fit it when time allows and babies allow!!
Jan 16th '15 20:10 PM
Have you thought about maybe wearing him while you run? Or is he too old for that now? You could also look into a jogger stroller; aren't they running friendly?
Jan 16th '15 20:52 PM
He's too old for that, he's 2 next month and a heavy monkey!!
Oooo not sure on jogger stroller,
May look into them? Xx