Jun 19th '14 20:33 PM
Time is precious in my house. I need to do exercise I know that but any ideas what and when? Here is some info on me:

Single parent
Up at 6am
Work 30 hours a week
After school clubs twice a week (getting home 730pm)
2 mornings off a week but have 4 year old with me
No support for babysitting
Cook fresh daily
Don't usually sit down after housework etc til 830pm by which I'm crackered.
Bed at 10-1030pm

Help me with ideas please. My motivation is zero
Jun 19th '14 23:09 PM
School club days are you working until 7.30 also?

Are there any times you do have free time without kiddies?
Jun 20th '14 03:19 AM
the 2 morning off you have off will be the key there for you to do a work out ...i have a 4 years old ( and a 2.5 years and 8 months old but they nap ...my 4 years old does not ) so usually he is with me when i have my window to workout . He knows its important to me so or he watch a movie ( for up to a hour ) or he plays in the room as i am working out he is pretty good at it . I think he understood that its my time and he knows i can't be interrupt . ( I do always said when i am done we will do this together as a reward and he is always very happy as he knows when i am done i will play a game with him...like puzzle etc.)

If you do some more strength programs with weights and repetition you kind of always have to take a mini break before repeating the exercise so if your kiddo is in the same room that the moment you can still interact with him .

Good luck i know it can't be easy all by yourself ...
Jun 20th '14 08:20 AM
I work until 5, collect kids, do dinner and Then clubs start at 6 on both those days. One finishes at 6:45 and one finishes at 7:15. I make sure the kids eat but some nights I eat mine when I get back from the clubs.
I've already prepared my dinners in advance so it does to take long to cook them.

I think you're right about my row mornings off. I thought about doing something with my son like bike riding etc but that few hours goes so quickly and he has to have his lunch at 1130 to get to school for 12, I shower and get ready for work at this point. We only really have 2 hours which seems a lot but that's from dropping girl off at school to him eating lunch.

I'm torn, spending time with him constructively or exercising with him every day off.
Jun 20th '14 08:21 AM
No time without kids at all, apart from going to and from work (I need the car it's part of my job to drive around in the day).
Their dad doesn't have them and grandparents work on the weekends and one works nights. It's a bit tough at the minute
Jun 20th '14 09:15 AM
You could definitely do a home workout with the LO there 30 day shred is good. You might find he wants to join in for a while if not he'll float and play with toys.

Evenings you could fit in a workout? I know you're just not in the mood by that time but self satisfaction is great. I join a run club in Wednesdays at 8pm and I always think it's too late I'm in my PJs by that time most days but I feel great after it.

If gym and outdoor training is a problem definitely find some workout DVDs for home. If you have hard wood floor you will need a workout mat. 30 day shred (just do it when you can and ignore the 30 day challenge just follow the programme) you will need hand weights. Kettle bell workouts are meant to be good too.

If you can add little bits between waiting on things like the oven bleeping and baths running do squats, planks, crunches, lunges ...

That's an awful shame Dad does not have the kids.
Jun 20th '14 09:57 AM
I have the 30 day shred. I did it once (lol) and lost 2lb in the whole month and 1 inch. I was put off because I worked really hard -ALTHOUGH I WASNT ON SW THEN,

I think it's worth giving it another shot, i just don't want to be tired anymore than I already am. I work hard I. The week and am pleasing kiddies at the weekend.

Maybe I start doing 30 day shred 3 times a week on my "free nights" and forget the ironing and cleaning.
Jun 20th '14 10:02 AM
Stephen Reed
Hi Laura
If you are aiming for weight loss as your main goal at the moment, then really don't stress on the exercise. It won't help with weight loss in any massive way, I'm happy to discuss why not if you want an explanation.

If you are really busy, then fitting in some walking as part of your day is probably a great thing, to do, with some bodyweight strength training exercises 3 times a week at home. Pushups, squats, lunges, planks. And you don't need to do them all together, you can space them into small blocks during the day.

I absolutely promise you that, although exercise is a fab thing to do, all sorts of huge benefits, using it to try to lose weight should definitely not be your focus.

What goes in your mouth will bring most of the results, and seeing as you have to eat anyway, changing that up a bit won't impact on your time restraints.
Jun 20th '14 13:24 PM
^ Absolutely disagree with Stephen based on nothing but personal experience.

Last January (date unknown) I started dieting starting at 14 stone 11 lbs
Last April I joined a gym with weight loss as my main focus
The scales moved slower but I was measuring and taking pictures
By new year 2014 total weight loss was just under 60lbs
By new year I was a size 10 bottoms (yet not light by any means IMO)

Definitely use exercise along side weight loss if you can... the benefits are amazing not only from the outside (your body) but inside... Self esteem, confidence, helps anxiety, depression, mood booster, speeds up metabolism, fat burner, other health benefits .... life style changes.

I have a friend I spoke to last week who has lost a nice amount of weight also but hasn't been exercising, she is now down about the excess skin (her body) and wishes she'd started exercising sooner in her journey. I'm fairly sure mine would have been worse without also.

IMO it's about it all: health, appearance and mind benefits (does so much for you mental health). As far as dieting AND exercising goes I am a DO IT person even if it's half an hour twice a week.
Jun 20th '14 17:03 PM
Many thanks. This does make sense and I trust you all.