Jun 12th '14 08:00 AM
So I was really active yesterday, did the school run on foot twice (usually too lazy), went for a run and did a load of strength/toning stuff after. Jumped on the scales this morning and I've gained a pound :brat:

I know it's probably just water retention, but I'm still not happy'
Jun 12th '14 09:50 AM
Oh no! It's always the way isn't it, especially when you're expecting a loss. It is probably just water retention like you said, and I'm sure it'll drop off again soon enough. Super frustrating though, I know!
Jun 12th '14 11:10 AM
It's tipped me back up to 9st again it's got to just be water cos I'm actually feeling loads slimmer, but it's not fair

I've got a big jug of dandelion tea cooling waiting to go in the fridge so I can drink it like water and hopefully wee lots
Jun 12th '14 11:42 AM
It's frustrating Definyteky sounds like water weight though.

That's interesting that dandelion tea makes you wee lots. When I was little I was always told 'don't touch those dandelions, they'll make you pee!' I was scared of them for a while!

Jun 12th '14 11:54 AM
That's why I try not to exercise too much It's all that walking I've been doing ruining my diet

Nah, seriously, isn't it a good thing that you've retained water? Means the body is about drop a bit once it's balanced itself out in a few days.

Dandelion tea? I thought that was a myth made up when I was a kids Although apparently picking a dandelion makes you wee the bed too
Jun 12th '14 11:57 AM
That's what I was told too! Parents are cruel
Jun 12th '14 14:17 PM
my kids call them wee flowers! Dandelion is a diuretic, but only if you drink it I think lol! Haven't braved drinking any yet though?

Mitch, exercise us evil I think you're right though, it'll be my muscles repairing and I'll drop a bit in a few days. I didn't check my water % this morning, I got off as soon as I saw 9st
Jun 12th '14 15:02 PM
I'm totally ignoring the scales now and one of the guys who is running the summer challenge pretty much told me to stop. I just use it when I need a kick up the butt lol x

Scales wise I am stuck but doing workouts 5 days a week!
Jun 12th '14 15:28 PM
The scale lies!

My pants feel looser and yet the scale doesn't seem to ever change. I started weighing myself a lot less because it's discouraging. Now I prefer to rely on how my clothes fit and what the tape measure reads.
Jun 12th '14 16:49 PM
sometimes my scale shows two pounds more without eating anything extra.after a day or two cames back to normal and shows less.i don't think it's the scale is just how our body works