Jun 13th '14 14:16 PM
Keep going and ignore the scales
Jun 15th '14 15:11 PM
I can't ignore the scales but I weigh once a week or so. When I look back over the course of a year, I see fluctuations in my weight- every 4th week- imagine that ! But also I would almost always see weight gain when I worked out a lot- it's muscle, right? That weighs more than fat. So you will see that and more fall off if you keep at it and skip the scales for a few days.
Jun 16th '14 17:00 PM
sometimes scales really lies! you need also to measure your hips and weist! sometimes you have plus on the scales but weist and hips are in minus or at the same. do not worry any ways! if you were a good girl scales will make you happy soon;-)))