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What do you eat before working out?

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Apr 10th '15, 07:56 AM  
Socially Shy
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what to eat?

1.5-2 hours before work out
a piece of boiled chicken meat+ 100gr of rice
Perfect combination!! Try it!
and after work ou you should eat cottage cheese with yougurt
also a perfect combination for recovering after hard work out
Apr 11th '15, 21:48 PM  
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If Im doing cardio its always HIIT so I try to have a small portion of porridge an hour or so before so I have something in the tank.
Then I'll have a protein shake afterwards.
Just getting into weights again so I haven't decided what I'll be eating beforehand. Probably stick with a banana!!
Apr 13th '15, 14:05 PM  
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I was told to avoid bananas pre-workout. Post if I wanted to but there is better choices and to limited porridge too ... get wheat free stuff but it's blooming £££

I've been having protein shakes pre and post workout lately! But pre workout is a 5am alarm out by 6 and I really can't stomach much else then I am home and sorting kids so it's just how life is for me or it's nothing which isn't wise!
Sep 30th '15, 05:28 AM  
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Healthy Food for Losing Weight

Quote by Bevziibubble View Post
I never know what to eat and how much before weightlifting at the gym. I get paranoid about either fainting through too little or being sick from too much. Unsure of how long to leave it after a meal before working out, or what type of snack to have.

What of things do you like to eat?

During my weight loss program, what I learned is that there food should be eaten in moderation. Too much carbs and too much sweet is bad for our body. The rule is that learn to calculate how much calories you are eaten in a day? Vegetables and fruits are always good. We cannot be wrong with that. I have a great recipes for vegetarian meals and I am happy with that. I am not pure vegetarian, one in a while I treat myself with meat and sweets dessert.
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