Sprain Ankle!

Jun 6th '14 17:37 PM
so of course just couples weeks shy of doing my half marathon ( For June 22 ) i sprain my ankle 2 weeks ago ! and I still can't run !
Ankle and top of the foot is still swollen but I am hoping that may be maybe I will still do my run on the 22...or at least try walking in it.

Any experience with sprain Ankle ? How long it took you to recover ?
Jun 6th '14 18:22 PM
Oh no! That's not good Sorry I don't have any experience but I do hope you recover soon. xxx
Jun 6th '14 19:01 PM
I hate to say it, but June 22 seems a bit soon to be running if it's only been two weeks since you sprained your ankle. It usually takes a good six to eight weeks to recover from that.

Have you been wrapping it and using ice? That might help the healing process happen a little sooner. I still don't think you should run on it yet though because you could injure it even more.
Jun 7th '14 11:50 AM
I agree with Twyladee if you do the half walk or run it's a long distance and you're at risk of making the injury worse

I'd be gutted an I know you are
Jun 7th '14 12:40 PM
I'm so sorry that you have sprained your ankle I agree with the other ladies about the half marathon. It is quite soon and you don't want to risk making the injury any worse. I hope it starts to get better soon
Jun 8th '14 10:00 AM
Agree with everybody! I have never had such an experice with ankle, but once i jumped and injured my heel. It took a looong time for to start even to walk normally. So i guess you need to be patient and give your ankle to fully recover. Otherwise you will make even worse and it may become your lifetime hurt!!
Jun 8th '14 20:04 PM
Thank you

Today it feel a tiny bit better ...i think i will still try to walk it i know they have shuttle bus that help people to go from one spot to a other if need be so at least i can rely on that . i paid over $150 for it and race are never refundable too plus i had made a friend doing in it with me i feel bad leaving her on her own so i am going to do my best and of course will take the bus if need be ...by the 22 of june it will over 6 weeks so hopefully the ankle will be OK
Jun 8th '14 20:58 PM
Ouch! Sprains are the worst. I swear the breaks are better. They heal quicker and more clean. I once had a sprained ankle for about 2 months. I would think that I was better and then run and mess it up again.
Jun 10th '14 02:04 AM
Going to a podiatrist appointment tomorrow to see where i am with this injury so at least i will found out how bad it is!
Jun 10th '14 09:56 AM
Hopefully they can give you some answers. Fingers crossed it's going to be on the mend soon