Body Fat

Jun 22nd '13 22:33 PM
I need to lower mine, I've been reading online and it says to work out your fat burning rate or something like that? I have no idea, how can you find out.

I know that eating well is the main thing + cardio
Jun 22nd '13 23:14 PM
Isn't it to do with heart rate? I'm sure years ago I heard that a certain % heart rate is optimum for weight loss? I'll be buggered if I can remember what though

Hollys your girl for things like that! I was aiming for 25%, which I'm at now and am still like fuck me I need to shift some! But then its cos I've grown at my old height it's only dropped 1%!
Jun 22nd '13 23:19 PM
I have no idea, I need to get clued up on this stuff!

Maybe I will need to buy a heart rate monitor?
Jun 22nd '13 23:27 PM
Does your treadmill have a built in hrm? That's what I remember it from I think, at the gym there was things sayingylu should get your heart rate to a certain level!
Jun 24th '13 14:18 PM
You need to do like 15 minutes or something of cardio before you're actually into the fat burning zone apparently

My body fat is around 16.7% but I still don't look that lean
Jun 24th '13 15:35 PM
Pft Holly there's nothing to you! I need to burn some serious fat, well, and tone up!
Jun 24th '13 20:57 PM
Haha there's still a lot more fat than muscle
Jun 25th '13 15:30 PM
Holly can I pick your brains? I measure my body fat this week after two weeks, and the % has only gone down something like 0.3, not much anyway, but then the fat mass has gone down 1.6kg? Don't supposed you'd know what that meant would you?

Jun 25th '13 16:48 PM
I'm not sure ... I don't know your weight but would 1.6kg of fat roughly work out at 0.3%?

You may need to try calculating your lean mass in kg, then the leftover would be fat mass .. Your fat mass over over your body fat % to work out how many kg 1% of body fat would be?

Technical lol
Jun 27th '13 01:24 AM
My brain's fried thanks, i think I understand. At least it's going down tho! How much is a normal % to lose in a week? Or would it vary greatly for individuals?

That's prob a stupid Q but it's late