Home workout

Sep 26th '15 12:36 PM
Quote by Wobbles:
I have me and some 3kg weights but want a little work out for at home twice a week so looking for some ideas in the morning

Any suggestions? All I've come up with is:

Sit ups
I heard a lots of morning walk in the morning is good for the health. If you can run 5k or 10k that would be good.
Sep 26th '15 12:39 PM
I heard a lots of good benefits about morning walk. I admit that I am not a morning person but still I love to walk going to my office. I am lucky because it is not that far from my home.

Are you morning or night person? Can you woke up early for walking exercise?
Oct 2nd '15 10:45 AM

This is an old thread I have a 5am alarm 3 times a week min. I'm afraid walking to work is from upstairs to downstairs but I have introduced the odd 5km and the odd trails after I experienced them on my Tough Mudder training