Target clothes

Oct 27th '13 20:29 PM
Do you but target clothes? I have done all through my dieting journey... Tonight I bought a gorgeous pair of NEXT jeans in my next target size 10 *eek*!

I don't plan to diet much more but tone into them so I will probably just stick to only buying these jeans for now it may be a slower journey x
Oct 28th '13 08:43 AM
I usually buy target clothes, but since my smallest jeans are an 8, I'm working on them fitting better! My problem with jeans is that they're always tight on the hips and loose elsewhere, so they start dropping and I get a muffin top I hate wearing belts though, so I'm stuck lol!
Oct 28th '13 15:09 PM
My entire closet is filled with target clothing that is waiting for me to be able to fit into it. I have told myself that I am not allowed to buy any new clothes until I can fit back into the things I already have.
Oct 28th '13 19:32 PM
I don't buy target clothing simply because money is so tight right now, but if I had the money I probably would. For now I've just been setting other goals, like being able to lift heavier weights or being able to run for longer before having to slow it back down to a walk again.
Oct 28th '13 19:58 PM
In the summer Sainsburys always had a sale section and I found I bought some duplicate tops in 2 sizes for a couple of quid each... summer clothes so much cheaper so top wise I won't buy any more than I have although I know a couple of getting a little on that won't get away with this much longer stage! I guess as far as bottoms went I knew the min I wanted to be in which was a 12 so any bargains shops and ebay I grabbed like these jeans are from ebay and no bids accept me 3.99 in total and worn once like new with a gorgeous pattern embroidered up one of the legs
Oct 28th '13 20:57 PM
I never buy the clothes until I need them. I guess I am pretty lazy that way but right now I have about half of my closet that needs to be replaced because I can no longer fit into the stuff. It is sad too, most of the stuff I might have only wore once. I guess I need to go shopping again.
Oct 28th '13 21:10 PM
This happened to me, I even had clothes I bought imagining I'd fit in and by the time I came back to them they were too big *doh* my friend was pleased though I have her my first clear out, she's done amazing!