Wohoo for this

Oct 22nd '13 08:23 AM
I weigh the same as my teenage daughters I can barely believe I was 1.5 stone heavier this time last year and a stone heavier the year before

I'm feeling good but like so many of you I'm waiting on the ultimate last stone bracket...for me the 9's...I weigh 10st 2.8lb this morning
Oct 22nd '13 08:37 AM
Want a race into the next stone?! Although you'll totally beat me, I've maintained at around this weight for about a year now! I'm guessing I'm going to be 9st3 today, so will be about the same amount we need to lose to get there!

I'm so amazed at how well you're doing!
Oct 22nd '13 08:58 AM
I really want it by 2 weeks then another 2 weeks to keep seeing it at night

Race on....
Oct 22nd '13 09:19 AM
I really wanted it this week, but the weekend got in the way I'm a lb less than I bought I would be this morning, you still have an advantage though cos you're already losing, I'm just stuck yoyoing
Oct 22nd '13 09:31 AM
Thats because you weigh nothing
Oct 22nd '13 09:37 AM
I wish! I just feel like I'd be so much happier if I could see an 8! Purely psychological cos at my lowest I was bang on 9 and really 1lb doesn't make that much difference, I just think it'd be nice to tell people I'm 8 something - particularly as my charming OH told me the other day he thought I was 12stone god knows what he thought I weighed originally!
Oct 22nd '13 11:43 AM
Haha challenging each other! Well done x
Oct 30th '13 10:44 AM
Sounds like a fab challenge! Good luck
Oct 31st '13 16:01 PM
My good scales are broke so not sure how close I am but according to old scales I'm about a lb away come the heck on...af here so hopefully next week should see it made!