Dieting for just one day?

Oct 5th '13 14:08 PM
In my quest to find out how to get a flat belly, I came across this site and presentation claiming that the one day diet plan described in it is 100% effective! It sounds too good to be true and I'm the type of person who is easily wooed by advertising. I need help in making this decision - please.
Oct 5th '13 15:35 PM
They don't tell you very much about the diet or the book. If an ad relies on nothing more than catch phrases to draw you in, it usually doesn't have the substance to back it up. I'd pass.
Oct 6th '13 13:33 PM
I'd pass too. The start of the presentation is captivating, but when they guy moves on to the sales pitch, it loses meaning. I checked out the link over an hour ago and put in my email address just to see the free diet book. If this was real, it would have been in my inbox by now. Don't go for it.