Eating enough?

Jul 12th '19 18:37 PM
Started exercise and low calorie eating 7 weeks ago. Staying low carb , mainly chicken fish salad fruit veg, the odd treat. Managing to stay around 800 cals per day and not feeling too hungry, drinking plenty water.
Doing a 60 minute swim and 1 hour walk daily with some resistance training 2/3 times a week. Losing average of 4lb per week and feeling good, but am I eating enough calories?
I have quite s bit to loose 2 stone lost 4 to go, want to try and keep at 4 lb loss progress for as long as I can, but have been told that I am burning too many cals v intake.
Jul 17th '19 00:23 AM
In my opinion through experience of dieting, eating too little calories can be counter productive. This is because your body goes into what I call reserve mode or self-storage condition, whereby actually your body stores the energy you consume to counter the lack of calorie intake.

If you alternate the calorie intake everyday however - so by having a couple of high intake days I’ve seen good results.
Jul 17th '19 10:07 AM
Thanks I will give it a go,