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Mar 26th '19, 11:57 AM  
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Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight

So you think you are doing everything right but the weight isn't coming off.

Weight loss is hard ... hard not impossible.

You need to eat healthy foods that nourish your body, exercise, stop eating processed food, cut out or down on sugary foods but is it as simple as that?

Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight
  • You're not drinking enough water
You're eating the right food but not drinking enough fluids. This is a common mistake of many. If you are eating healthy but dehydrated you will lose less weight. So zone in on the water intake aim for 2-3 litres per day. When you body is dehydrated it cannot burn fat. Staying hydrated isn't just good for you weight loss but your skin, helps water retention and energy levels.
  • You're not moving enough
Yes you may be exercising but that isn't what I am talking about. Do you attend your morning gym sessions but then sit at a desk all day or on the sofa when you get home from work. Go for a brisk walk at lunch break, after work, use any excuse to get up from your desk at work. Aim for 10,000 steps a day.
  • You're exercising too much
Too much exercise cause inflammation to your body. Stress on the body stops us from losing weight. Rest days are as important as exercise, stay moving on your feet but put the weights down and take a break from the high intensity cardio! Don't forget the more we exercise the hungrier we are and most of us have fell into that trap that you deserve or need a little extra after that awesome workout. Calories in calories out are simple mathematics, that extra food still counts!
  • You're eating more than you think
Many people don't consider that even healthy food can work against us. Everything is in moderation and balance of carbs, good fats and protein. Also portion sizes play a key part in weight loss; is there too much on your plate? Try smaller portions or even better measure. Keep a log of your journey on your phone, use MyFitnessPal, create a journal here on Social Slimmers.
  • You're not getting enough sleep
Your body is not getting enough rest. You need between 7-9 hours of sleep a day. Sleep deprivation is associated with weight gain so it will and can hinder your weight loss. When you don't get the adequate rest the body requires the body produces more of the hunger causing hormones ghrelin a leptin which leaves you hungry and increases your appetite. Lack of sleep is also associated to energy loss which makes us reach for more carbohydrates even sugar to keep us going.
  • You're mistaking hunger for dehydration and snacking
Feeling hungry? Try a glass of water first. Research also shows drinking a glass of water before food also helps suppress your appetite which helps you not over eat that large portion size you just served up.
  • You're not being honest with yourself
That glass of wine, that small bowl of nuts, sugar & milk in your coffee and you're not measuring your food for accuracy. Everything you eat and drink counts. Jot down everything you eat on your phone notes, join MyFitnessPal, create a journal here on Social Slimmers.
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