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Comeback at 52

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Feb 8th '19, 05:22 AM  
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Comeback at 52

I'm a 100% disabled Army captain, with an SBS (Spenobasilar Symphasis) Override with sidebending. My walk-around head pain is 8-9/10, and most exercise is like hitting myself in the head with a brick.

My Specs:

Age: 52
Height: 6' 0" -- 182 cm

I started at 212 lbs./96.16 kg in early November 2018, and hit 180.2 lbs/ 81.73 by EOM January 2019. I've taken a break, and have seem to hit a set point at 184 pounds. I combined intermittent fasting with a bastardized form of the Ketogenic diet I made from parts of several diets that made common sense to me. Mostly I did it keeping my mouth shut, and replacing my comfort eating with drinking water with electrolytes. Not cheap/not expensive/usually not very hungry.

I am taking a break because I'm afraid shorting myself on carbs for so long just might be a little stupid. And, like you, I want to try to add some lean muscle, and I haven't got a clue how to make that happen while on keto and doing intermittent fasting. The upside has been that the ketones really help with my pain. Supposedly, they are 50x-100x better than NSAIDS, and 10x better than steroid shots.

Bottom Line Question: can I grow lean muscle on keto? Thanks for listening.
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