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Can anyone recommend?

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Jan 26th '19, 03:38 AM  
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Can anyone recommend?


I'm a 36yo male currently weighing in at 22 stone. I'm large framed 6ft3. I have skinny ligs and arms and it's all on my belly!

I don't drink alcohol or pop mainly tea and water I've even cut the sugar from my tea.

I have high blood pressure also.

My daily life is hectic, I never eat breakfast and rarely eat lunch, maybe grab a soup from greggs or a cheese sandwich now and again.

Dinner at home with the family is normally something like pasta or home made curry and the like. My wife is a size 6 and daughter size 4!

Im on my feet All day, my fitbit says I'm doing 9n average 15000 steps per day.

I DO have an issue with binge eating at night big time. I'll eat dinner but then I'm hungry again after a couple of hours which leads to a take away or a packet of biscuits etc.

I'm wanting to do it this time, I was thinking going down the meal replacement route but am worried I won't have the energy to get through the day. Has anyone tried this type of diet or have any recommendation as per the above. My job is very physical so I'll really need energy.
Jan 27th '19, 01:25 AM  
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Similar, I am 45 though, oh and shorter and heavier which sounds really bad eh.

I did the Cambridge Diet (UK Meal Replacement), about 10 years ago, so about your age. The first two weeks was hell, but i have to say after i got onto it i managed to stick to it really well for about 5mths (only reason i stopped and it went wrong was that i emigrated down under).

I was a little naughty though tbh, as you are meant to eat some food on the plan. But as i didn't want to risk the "temptation" i ONLY had the milkshakes but with one packet extra.

I have since re-tried a replacement plan but now im older and lifestyles changed i just seem to stick at it now. But i can confirm they can be done ok.

One bonus that will please you, but upset the ladies! Is that us lads lose weight FAR faster than the ladies so when i did it, at the weekly weigh ins i was losing twice what any of the girls where.

Stay strong fella.

Jan 30th '19, 15:57 PM  
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I recently joined a slimming prog on NHS and have found it invaluable.

I'm a senior cit. with high B.P. and weighed in at 16.5 stone (105+k) at the start. Being short and resembling a 9 month pregnant lady aged 70 is not very becoming not to mention the health problems it was causing therefore I reckoned this should be at the top of my bucket list. So far so good. Since beg. December now down to 100k with 1,550 calorie intake daily and following advice as shown below. Nurse calculated I was shovelling in 18500 calories daily previously. I suspect it could have been more as I was a notorious late evening snacker, missed meals regularly, binged on choc, cake and biccies and ate huge evening meals - but always felt hungry afterwards. Anything sound familiar?

The following pointers I was given work well for me and really do make a lot of sense too.
1) Eat little and often. Always have breakfast even if it's a light one.
2) Try to have light snack between meals. Piece of fruit, low calorie health snack, yogurt etc
3) Don't skip meals. If you do you will be hungry and want to eat more
4) Stick to allocated calorie intake.
5) Try not to eat after 7pm if poss.
6) Do some exercise daily (other than normal daily routine unless your job is physically taxing) even short bursts are better than none.
7) Smaller meal portions

It doesn't cost me anything & I can basically eat most of my favourite foods (Even naughties in small quantities ((very small)) providing I eat a balanced diet too.
I have to do this, I can do this so it's up to me. I want to be around to harass the kids a bit longer:-)

Weight Watchers & all the rest didn't word for me. This does. And, strangely enough it wasn't as hard as I expected. Just about educating your stomach to a new routine.
Hope this helps. Best of Luck

Jan 31st '19, 21:34 PM  
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Can anyone recommend?

Whoops. I lied, my daily intake is 13,500 calories.
Feb 1st '19, 18:15 PM  
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well what i sit
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