My secret

Sep 20th '13 15:15 PM
After failing the low carb diets (because I have discipline issues), I found out that stopping carbs wasn't the solution. Many dieters wonder why they never lose weight even after cutting out carbs. I discovered that the secret is sugar! Cutting down, or totally ending, sugar intake allows you to eat your favorite carbs without gaining. Carbs already have a high sugar content, so cutting it out of other items really helps if you can't avoid the carbs like me.
Sep 21st '13 14:30 PM
Carbs do have a high sugar content, but it's not that easy to avoid sugar altogether. What I find easier is to reduce my intake of both sugar and carbs. that way, I have a wider choice of things to eat, but in moderation, of course.
Sep 23rd '13 15:48 PM
That's interesting! I don't really like sugary foods, I much prefer savoury foods!
Sep 26th '13 13:43 PM
I too have reduced both the carbs and sugar and have successfully lost weight
Oct 4th '13 20:28 PM
The original poster has figured out the secret to eating right! Ding ding, we have a winner! Your views are reaffirmed in the book titled "Sugar Busters". It is a fantastic read. Sugar is so bad for us. It can contribute towards the development of cancer. It can also cause "crashes" after consumption like how a drug addicts comes down after his high. The trick is to find tasty natural sugars and avoid nearly all processed sugars. It's difficult but I know you can do it.