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What really works?

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Oct 26th '18, 07:31 AM  
Joyous Joy
Socially Shy
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What really works?

I have tried several different diets and have the yo-yo affect going on, at the best of times. I lose a few pounds, then gain it all back and sometimes even more. I only need to lose weight off of my stomach, and due to a serious back injury, I am not able to work out in the gym.
I have looked at a few different programs online, but can never decide whether or not they are legit, or some scheme, so I don't sign up for them. Of course they never reveal the food or drink you should stop eating/drinking, in their videos, or what you should be eating/drinking. Go figure!
The entire thing is really quite frustrating.
What kind of things do you guys use?? Are there legit sites that actually work?
Nov 3rd '18, 23:44 PM  
Socially Shy
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I recommend the ketogenic diet, hope it helps.
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