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Why you're eating the wrong cereal bar (probably!)

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Sep 16th '18, 13:10 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Why you're eating the wrong cereal bar (probably!)

Hi Guys,
So many people I deal with like to eat cereal bars as their 'go to' breakfast. I've seen a lot of people on the forum here also list them in their food intake so I thought I'd share a quick bit of advice and let you guys know what cereal bar I advise people to buy. I advise the Alpen Light bar for a couple of reasons:

1) They're low sugar (for a cereal bar) 5g per bar
2) They taste great and there's loads of flavours.

Here's my quick rant.... You can easily pick a 'healthy' cereal bar that has double the sugar and even if you look at the 'sugar per 100g' figure it can be a bit tricky to figure which is best because all cereal bars are different sizes. The amount per bar is the only important bit because lets face it, you're not going to measure out 100 grams and eat that!

Doesn't seem like much but assume you make the switch from a bar with 10g of sugar to one with 5g per bar and eat one everyday. That over 1,800g grams of sugar less per year, equivalent of over 50 cans of Coke or Mars Bars. Not bad for making a simple switch!

Now imagine you switch that can of coke each day for a bottle of water....

You'd save 12,775 grams of sugar!, that's the same sugar as 2,555 Alpen Light bars

OR in calories that's like not eating 93 Big Macs. Just a thought...

Alpen don't pay me by the way, but they should
Jan 14th '19, 14:10 PM  
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they are full of sugar
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