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Apr 7th '18, 21:39 PM  
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Slimming world while pregnant

Sooo, after trying slimming world for the 1st time, doing it from home & getting a loss of almost a stone, i have recently found out i'm pregnant! Absolutely ecstatic as took 4 years 1st time round & not so long this time!

I'm really enjoying slimming world & still want to follow it to have a nice healthy outlook (not to lose weight as originally only wanted a stone loss) & so it's easy to keep up when i have a newborn & a crazy toddler. But are there any other rules i should be following? Or is it frowned upon to follow it while pregnant?

Any advice is appreciated as i never joined so dont have a group/adviser to speak to. Thanks x
Apr 9th '18, 10:49 AM  
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Hi kcav86 ... firstly congratulations on bump news

My understanding is if you go to groups they advise you to let your MW know you are following the plan and they do not advise on any weight changes but will monitor the changes and may ask you to go back to your MW if any concerns.

I think I am right that you double your A & B choices.

In general there is absolutely nothing wrong with staying healthy during pregnancy quite the opposite and my personal opinion would be to aim for a balanced diet rather than diet. How weight loss would work is not something I have experienced.
Apr 15th '18, 18:54 PM  
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I highly doubt it will be a problem. I don't know of anything SW teaches that could harm you or your baby.

The best thing to do is have a word with someone at the group.
Apr 17th '18, 12:42 PM  
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Massive congratulations on the baby!!

You can absolutely keep following SW whilst pregnant

Take a look at this link, it's the SW link for expectant mums, and if you need more, just do a search on the SW website in the 'Useful Features' section.

You will need to get a form from your consultant which your midwife will need to see and sign, so everyone is aware of you being on plan.
It wouldn't be unusual for you to lose weight on plan, I know a few people who have whilst pregnant. However they'll monitor your weight and if you did lose lots of weight, they'll obviously speak to you.

Wobbles is right about the HE choices, You get 2 of each. And then it's the usual limiting your caffeine intake, being careful about fish and raw foods.
Apr 17th '18, 18:08 PM  
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Thanks guys!

My post was before the sickyness kicked in so i've been nowhere near healthy, shoving quick fixes down my gub to fill my stomach 🙈

As soon as i'm past the godawful stage though im planning on kicking me up the bum lol!

Thanks for your replies xx
Apr 18th '18, 18:57 PM  
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I hope you feel better soon!
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