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Feb 10th '18 17:50 PM
Hiya All

Things that I find really helpful in weight loss

Feb 14th '18 14:41 PM
If you wanted to be controversial sugar free often contains an artificial sugar aspartame. it's not something I would recommend.

Is it just me who gets hungry when chewing gum?
Feb 14th '18 15:14 PM
create a collage of inspiration from magazines, cutouts anything remind you that being fat is awful.
Some people are happy to be bigger, they are comfortable with themselves OR those people have medical reasons they are bigger than ourselves or what we desire for ourselves. I wouldn't use someone else to get to my goal. I wouldn't label someone else as awful to make me feel better about my goals and victories.

.... Put a picture up of yourself on the fridge. The person YOU don't want to be. It could be weight goals, fitness goals #guns #abs
Feb 16th '18 21:37 PM
Yeah body shaming myself with a collage wouldn’t be so good for me ☹️

Although there is a place on here people post when they had a binge called the naughty corner? Or was that somewhere else? In the hopes of finding SW friends I have posted all over the place and usually haven’t found more than one or two people posting maybe we should squidge all the sites together 😆

Didn’t notice at first until I looked at the pathways above the post as usually I just click on Unread posts since last visit wherever I go if i can still type/talk after answering messages.. I don’t want to feel naughty that would make me more likely to do it again.😂 I know it’s tongue in cheek but it’s like a naughty step. My friend still has nightmares about hers 🤔

If I’ve had a binge and someone called me naughty I’d cry 😂 so I’ll not be posting on tha5 area of the Internet 😂

As a faster during my Keto months i would really advocate fasting but it’s only ever worked for me during Keto as I was never hungry anyway. Maybe now I’m doing SW but far lower carb I’ll get to the point where I’m not hungry between meals again but it hasn’t happened the first week like it did with keto 😆

Myfitnesspal is great but logging things for the nutrients and protein/carb values maybe but you put to log calories and then said don’t believe the calorie hype 😆

Unfollow businesses that make you hungry? Yes yes yes I’m all with that one 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Gum. Yes. It may well be sugar free but a lot are carb heavy and as soon as you start chewing your stomach releases acids to digest food...which gets uppity when food doesn’t come...and stages a war 😆
Feb 16th '18 21:40 PM
Wow that ended up a bit war and peace there I did that over a while leaving it and then coming back reading through the points haha you can’t see how long a post is from the quick reply it stays at 5 lines 😆😆😆 sorry
Feb 20th '18 15:01 PM
Haha ChubbyUnicorn... We will slowly grow

A little bit of naughty is good for us. I have Saturdays 'off' and it stops you sharing in a forum where people might be struggling to find their way to some food discipline/relationship. It took me months to limit myself and between that time I had to be strict before I realised I didn't have to be naughty all the time it's just a fun and none serious place to share your 'off' and 'oops' days! BUT like I say they can be good for us... it can stop us feeling deprived and really binging with no fullstop.
Aug 25th '18 11:59 AM
Quote by effysunshine890:
Hiya All

Things that I find really helpful in weight loss
  • Create a myfitness pal account for free and log those calories
  • Don't worry about the 2000kcal malarky from the NHS, it doesn't work
  • drink plenty of water
  • eat plenty fibre and protein
  • stay away from the cakes, sugar, sweets, high carb items
  • keep yourself distracted with a range of activities for the purpose to lose weight
  • drink cups of tea, coffee, green tea, water anything to keep yourself full, so when someone says "do you want a cake, i have got biscuits in the cupboard o the cake tin in the office is looking attractive at break or "Sally's 40th birthday" You can say "I'm sorry Sally/Joanne, I'm on a diet but maybe we can have a cup of tea later,"
  • consider fasting once, twice of three times a week
  • if you smoke, switch to vaping, you can pick a vape pen with e-liquid for a couple of quid and they come in delicious flavours, so you don't feel deprived
  • keep your mouth busy, chew sugar free gum/mints
  • join a gym, get friend to come along with you
  • join a local weight loss group in your area and meet people in the same boat, you never you know you will might meet a friend for life.
  • unfollow any companies that remind you of crisps cakes buscuits, if you see people eating pizza, hot dogs, burger and chips on facebook unfolow that *like* page.
  • Adverts - we all get those days when you are watching the telly and instantly cadburys are advertsing their latest chocolate and instantly your mind is saying "i want this" and won't shut the hell up and next thinkthing you know you've given in and you've eaten a load of food. So what can you do about it? turn the telly off? watch something else, watch a diet documentary, 700lbs life simply think "im triggered by this food, i will not be tempted, food is not my friend anymore, so I will get that project done, assignment finished do the dishwasher, hoovering, sort out the cd collection, paint the bedroom/spring clean the house, plan for that rather boring meeting with management tomorrow. Anything so I am not thinking of that delicious cake I saw/cadbury chocolate yummy galaxy bar/twix.
  • have a frequent pantry, cupboard and fridge clear out
  • if you are in grocery store or the local cake shop and fancy some cake, bun, donut. Keep your mind distracted with other things you can do instead. Text a friend whose on similar diet to you, write down those notes for a meeting or simply walk away
  • always have music on when you are walking or listen to audiobook, you will feel less lonely and it can be a good motivator
  • join weight loss forums, social networks and blog/journal about your experiences
  • create a collage of inspiration from magazines, cutouts anything remind you that being fat is awful.
Wow, nice tricks. I liked it.