Losing weight safely

Feb 9th '18 17:53 PM

I started my diet on the 2nd January and weighed in at 11 st 2lb. About the middle of the month I started to feel unwell and a week ago today I was admitted to hospital with pneumonia, I came home on Wednesday this week.
In total I am not sure how much weight I have lost, over a stone anyway but I had weighed myself on my partner`s scales and he has hidden them now.
I was size 12/14 but now I can fit into my size 10 skirts that I haven`t worn for years.
Now I can`t help but wonder if my immune system was low because I lost weight so quickly, even before I became ill. I had had the pheumonia innoculation and didn`t think I could still get it. Anyway I just wanted to say that even though I am now so slim, it really is not the way to lose weight. Be careful ladies, look after yourselves, especially if you dieting. Lose weight over time, just think a pound a week is 52 pounds a year and lots of people don`t have anywhere near that weight to lose.
Feb 9th '18 18:00 PM
Ah you poor thing

You might find as you recover more you add some weight back on which would be normal. You must still feel a little rough but I'm sure glad to be home.

Even those with a strong immune can get caught out. Pneumonia can follow on from the cold/flu. I've had pleurisy before and it wasn't nice either.

Feb 14th '18 14:15 PM
Hope you are feeling back to better now Kathy!

Jul 7th '18 14:03 PM
It is always good to lose weight, but lose it safely. Always remember that health comes always first! So, it is good to follow safe & effective weight loss methods practiced with best results.
Jan 14th '19 14:10 PM
Baby steps that what help you towards healthy life