The kids are out ...

Jul 24th '17 11:14 AM
... and the temptations get bigger.

Ice creams, food when out. I do well to hold back on a lot of things weekends but for 6 weeks I know I'll struggle. I already had ice cream yesterday but last 3-4 times they have had ice cream I've resisted.

Do you struggle more when the kids are off?
Jul 24th '17 19:48 PM
I'm so good when my mind is in the right mood which it is but 24 hours before my period I have the horrible feeling in my gut for naughty things, can be chocolate, crisps, bread, anything. I really really struggle then, like proper addiction craving.
Jul 24th '17 20:10 PM
I struggle a bit more too as there always seems to be tempting treats everywhere we go, especially ice creams. I find it hard to resist an ice cream!

Jul 25th '17 15:37 PM
One advantage of not having kids, I don't struggle with this situation

However, When I'm off work, I do struggle. It's too easy to grab that packet of crisps from the cupboard, or if I go anywhere, buy something I really shouldn't.
Jul 26th '17 11:19 AM
I can only imagine the temptations when the kids are out of school. Good effort on the times you have resisted the ice cream.