Save me September!

Sep 7th '13 13:43 PM
I'm hoping to be toned down by at least 2 inches by Christmas

Go team social Slimmers
Sep 9th '13 12:09 PM
im glad to get back into routine too, my 4 year old doesn't start school until Wednesday and that's when the morning power walks will commence :-) really want another 2st off by Christmas so im going for it!
I lost 8.5lbs in August so not bad, hoping for a little more in Sept

think of that dress at Christmas parties girlies !
Sep 9th '13 12:21 PM
Well done gonnabeslim

Fingers crossed for that 2 stone by Christmas although impressed with summer holidays weight loss x
Sep 9th '13 12:42 PM
thank you yeah its not too bad thinking about it, especially for school holidays, less exercise and full of temptation :-) x
Sep 9th '13 12:47 PM
That's fab for summer holiday loss! Well done hun!
Sep 9th '13 12:52 PM
aww thanks :-) I did win slimmer of the month too which I wasn't expecting. quite proud :-) tonight is WI day.......why is it im always much more hungry grrr lol hate Monday night 7pm weigh ins! haha hope its a good one after gaining half last week, witch has gone now though thank god lol x
Sep 9th '13 12:55 PM
Monday WIs are shocking! I'm always heavier on a Monday cos I cheat fri/sat! I avoided the scales like the plague today after getting on yesterday and having gained 4lb
Sep 9th '13 12:58 PM
eeeeep lol! see I don't have a cheat day or weekend, stuck to plan 100% all week so it better be a loss grrrrr lol......its just so hard waiting all day to get weighed trying to eat and drink light all day lol x
Sep 9th '13 13:07 PM
I bet you'll be fine! Carrot sticks, lettuce and water all day and you'll ace it haha! I'm in maintain now, so can get away with cheat days a bit more, but apart from right at the start, ive always allowed myself a treat on a Friday!
Sep 9th '13 13:32 PM
Lol had breakfast porridge with banana & honey and lunch of cracker breads with chicken and tomato .... Hoping that's all I will eat now till after WI lol x