I'm off to Vegas!

Aug 30th '13 19:32 PM
Well, more accurately, WE are off to Vegas for a holiday, but not until next year to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Part of the trip will be a couple of days on the beach at San Diego, so I have 8 months to lose another stone at least, and I confess that I have gained a couple of pounds lately. Wish me luck!
Aug 30th '13 19:36 PM
Omg I'm so jealous!! I'm sure you'll manage a stone in that time! Good luck!
Aug 30th '13 19:52 PM
That sounds amazing! I'm sure you'll manage to lose the weight in time, it's a great incentive!
Aug 30th '13 21:53 PM
Sounds amazing!! You will defo do it

Aug 30th '13 23:34 PM
Oh that will be amazing xx
Aug 31st '13 03:03 AM
Mission Beach in San Diego is gorgeous! You also should check out Old Town San Diego where they have all kinds of great shops. And you must see the zoo!

I don't need to tell you what to do in Vegas except to say win some money!

This trip is a great incentive. Good for you!
Aug 31st '13 07:07 AM
That's somewhere my OH would love to go! I bet you'll have a fab time
Aug 31st '13 19:14 PM
Always wanted to go to Vegas
Aug 31st '13 19:30 PM
Well, I had a cupcake for lunch today so that's not a good start! I'm sure I'll make it in eight months though. Thanks for the enthusiasm guys, it really does help and I will definitely make the effort....... after Christmas!
Sep 2nd '13 11:01 AM
when we booked our summer holiday last year, my OH was like, I'll start exercising after Xmas! I think he started about 3 weeks before we went he did lose about a stone though!