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Jan 17th '17, 11:34 AM  
Socially Shy
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Always Hungry

So I am a 6'2" 285 pound white male with high blood pressure. I've always been a junk food junkie but am trying to do something about it. I've been working with my doctor and have found motivational ways to cut back, but for some reason, I'm always hungry.

My old diet consisted of the following (note that I work night shift):

Wake up at 6:00pm
8:00pm Something small at home, say a bowl of cereal or a few yogurts with granola.
11:00pm When I arrive at work, a cold cut sandwich (meat, cheese, and condiment on 2 slices of bread) and a $1.99 size bag of cheetos - the size bag that has 4 servings according to the label but is truly intended to be eaten all at once.
1:00am - 2 or 3 donuts from the community table at work.
3:00am - A homemade dinner that my wife made me. This was probably my most balanced meal of the day.
7:00am - A 1/4 pound hot dog from 7-11 with ketchup mustard and rellish.

I found some motivational methods and I cut out the hot dogs. I cut back on the chips when I have my sandwich to maybe 1/2 or even 1/3 of the package and replaced it with a piece of fruit. My sandwich is now a "Tall Sandwich" but I only use one slice of bread, so it is really a tall half of a sandwich. I also now put some lettuce and tomato on my sandwich. Also due to the fact that my sandwich is now only 1/2 of a sandwich, I am using 1/2 of the condiment that I used to. Finally my doctor recommended that I split my main dinner in half and eat it as two smaller meals. My main dinner was always balanced so I didn't see a need to change the content of it.

My problem is that I am constantly hungry now. I have been up since I woke up at 5:00pm (it is now 5:30am) and I have had a discomfort in my stomach ever since I ate my first meal, which was an orange and two yogurts with granola. I tired to go heavy on the protein tonight thinking maybe that was my problem, but even after having a tall 1/2 of sandwich, pancakes with breakfast sausage, and a meatloaf dinner with carrots and mashed potatoes, I still have this uncomfortable hunger in my stomach. It feels like I still don't have enough protein but I'm sure I did. I even just had 2 recess peanut butter cups and I still feel horrible.

I'm at the point now that I'm going to binge and I am asking if anyone has any recommendations as to what I'm doing wrong?
Jan 17th '17, 11:57 AM  
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I am sure working nights has a lot to do with you feeling hungry. When you're tired your body craves salty, fatty and sugary things to sort of "wake" it up a bit (there is a science behind it.)

Another thing could be boredom? Do you have an active job or is it mostly sedentary? I know when I am at my desk for 8 -9 hours a day my mind wanders to food more often than not and if I have junk food on hand, I will almost certainly eat it.

I am also an emotional eater (most people who are overweight tend to be, though not all!) I would say keep a food diary for a week or so and write down what you're eating and when. Also write down your mood when you're eating it like "bores" "genuinely hungry" etc. The next week look back on it and see the food you've eaten when bored or stressed atc and see if you can swap these for healthy things. Evel losing 0.5 or 1lb a week is 26/52lbs a year. (I am not good at maths can you tell!!)

Moral of the story is - don't beat yourself up about it and take it little steps at a time.
Jan 17th '17, 12:56 PM  
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Welcome to social slimmers

My first suggestion would have been to increase your protein intake as that's normally what helps you stay feeling full. Do you like eggs? If you do, what about an omelette or quiche that you could snack on between meals? I know lots of people who do that! (Personally I'm not a fan of eggs, so these ideas are no good for me ) Or eggs for breakfast?

Do you drink enough liquids? It's surprising how much drinking water (or at least non-fizzy drinks) can help fill you up...
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