A waste of calories

Nov 17th '16 13:54 PM
We have a saying the wife & I, and that is if something doesn't taste nice then it's a waste of calories. If you are limiting the amount you eat then at least eat what you enjoy.

I've just tried something called Mug Shot, and I shot it straight in the bin.

Anyone else would rather throw stuff away than eat for the sake of it?

Nov 17th '16 16:10 PM
I'm glad that so many people enjoy the Mug Shots. I see them a lot on Instagram and they're a great convenient snack for people who need something quick, easy, and free on the plan.

Personally, I don't like them. When there are so many more free foods that aren't loaded with chemical crap, I'd much rather enjoy a crisp apple or a banana than one of those.

If I'm putting something in my mouth (oo-er), it'd better be worth it--particularly when I'm on a diet/plan.
Nov 18th '16 14:41 PM
I've never been a fan of Mug Shots either, tried them a couple of times (different flavours) but they're 100% not my thing!
(I accidentally spelt Shots wrong briefly, but it wasn't far off my thoughts )

But I do agree, that if something doesn't taste good, it's a waste.
I've just eaten a bag of Hula Hoops because I've not had them in at least 18 months (I think!) and they absolutely weren't worth the syns. Massive regrets now because for 6.5 syns I could have had some chocolate instead!
Nov 21st '16 10:19 AM
Sarah, have you seen the new Hula Hoops Pufts? A bag of those is 3.5syns, so if you were craving them, they might be a good alternative?
Nov 21st '16 11:10 AM
Quavers or Wotsits normally do the trick, but when I spotted the Hula Hoops in the refectory at work I wanted them... never again
Nov 23rd '16 16:00 PM
I say the same 'wasted calories' when I eat something that really wasn't as nice as I expected or because I've just grabbed it on the go. When I have something I enjoy I don't beat myself up... we all need that sometimes.

I mostly go for what I know I will like though I am a sucker for anything salted caramel and it's always either worth it or a waste of my calories there's never a between with salted caramel, they get it right or terribly wrong
Dec 17th '16 07:56 AM
Im rather partial to a mugshot, I really like them but only certain ones, I chop chicken up and add that to bulk it up a bit x

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