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Oct 4th '16, 22:38 PM  
Socially Shy
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Weight Loss Supplements Buying Tips

American spends $50 billion every year on weight loss programs and diet pills. Unfortunately, 22% of this goes to fake weight loss products.

More and more people are facing the problem of obesity and a lot of them are resorting to weight loss supplements. While some people have benefited from these supplements, there are still a lot of people who are clueless on what type to buy. In the end, they are left frustrated without loosing a single pound.

Worry no more! Here are some proven tips to help out weight losers wannabes when buying diet pills in the market:

1. Before buying diet supplement, consult a doctor. There are weight loss supplements that are available only by prescription. Do not forget to tell the doctor about allergies to certain medication and health history.

2. For over the counter supplements, decide what kind to buy. There are numerous types available in the market today. Some are appetite suppressants while some help the body to absorb fat. Also, do not forget to check the ingredients and carefully read the labels to avoid serious side effects like high blood and heart valve lesions. Also, make sure it will not react negatively on any other medications that are currently being taken. It would also help to have it checked by the doctor before taking it.

3. Keep in mind that all weigh loss supplements, even those that are prescribed by doctors, carry risks. It is for this reason that all instructions must be followed carefully and religiously. Stop taking the supplements if unusual symptoms are being noticed.

4. Choose diet pills that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration agency of FDA. These products are monitored and carry minimum risks.

5. Beware of over the counter diet pills that contain Ma Huang. This is a strong stimulant that has been associated with death especially among professional athletes.

6. When purchasing online, make sure that all the weight loss supplements are sealed. Do not accept bottles that were tampered with.

7. Remember that dietary products that promise quick weight loss usually do not have the approval of FDA. Most of these products have severe side effects that lead to drastic weight loss.

8. Research the internet for diet pills that are proven to have side effects. For example, a Brazilian diet pill was recently sold in USA that contains drugs and chemicals like antidepressants, tranquilizers, and amphetamines. This pill was advertised as all natural but was proven dangerous to health.

9. Never buy Ephedra based supplements; they are deeply associated with strokes and death.

10. Look for supplements that contain essential nutrients like Omega fatty acids, B12, calcium, and liver oils which are very important especially to women.

11. Buy products that are endorsed or recommended by health professionals or body builders.

12. Do not depend on weight loss supplement alone. Eat healthy and exercise. Try working out in the gym for at least 3 times a week and get incredible results!

Weight loss supplements have been in the market for sometime now but their effects in the long run has not yet proven. People who are serious about losing weight must aid supplements with exercise and well balanced diet. This is the most effective way in shedding pounds the healthy way.
Nov 3rd '16, 17:37 PM  
jada brown*
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hi izack123,
thanks for the post, it's really helpful, I have been into my weight loss journey for over the years but sometimes because of my own weaknesses and sometimes due to as you mentioned those fake pills I was completely helpless to drop even a single pound down, actually I am a bit lethargic kind of person and it remained always harder for me to continue with some weight loss exercises, so the only thing that I could manage to do was using the supplement. The reason of replying to your post is actually I wanna share my experience of using the herbal products for weight loss because they really work. At the moment I am using beyond weight management tea and enjoying the best results, I have managed to lose 18 lbs in approximately 4 months or so.
Aug 4th '17, 11:34 AM  
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Nice to have a chat with you here. I like your comments here that Americans spend $50 billion on weight loss supplements. I don't know the exact amount but it is a lot of money. However, there are lots of supplements for weight loss. But Not all are goood. Some are a waste of time. You should select the best one for you. Are you interested in diet pills? These diet pills both can save you money and time. And they are very effective. [Link removed by admin]!
Aug 17th '17, 12:48 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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I don't mean to be rude, but personally I think these tablets are terrible. I want to be slim as a side of effect of being healthy, not as an effect of popping a pill. Also, I've looked up the research on these pills before, and they either:

Don't work at all compared to a placebo.
Don't work very well when compared to a placebo.
They work when compared to a placebo, but are extremely harmful.

If there was _really_ pill that helped weight loss in the way that is claimed, everyone would know about it. It would be on the news, in science magazines, documentaries would be made. You know, just like when Viagra was discovered.

In my opinion, don't buy 'em.

The best things to swallow to lose weight are not tablets, but vegetables.
Aug 17th '17, 14:34 PM  
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The above post (link) was edited for spam but on a whole the thread provides a good conversation.

I absolutely agree with you Alfred and love your "I want to be slim as a side effect of healthy".

I take vitamins and I do take caffeine (grenade) but the biggest result is in what I eat and my fitness plan... it's only you who can be accountable for your weight loss not a magic pill.
Sep 29th '17, 12:35 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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I agree about ma huang, it can give you nasty sides. I took Thermolift about 2 yrs ago for 2 months. Ate good and lost 30 lbs. That was when it had ma huang/ephedra in it, which they have taken out since then. I think that is what made it work so well. Too bad it gave me a racing heart all the time.
Sep 29th '17, 12:37 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
Join Date: Sep 2017
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Oh, forgot to mention, I haven't used any diet pill since then, and have been able to maintain my weight purely by healthy diet and exercise. As Alfred ays - "The best things to swallow to lose weight are not tablets, but vegetables."
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