Ideal weight confusion!

Oct 20th '16 11:31 AM
Quote by ajmclardie:
My husband is the same to be honest, he likes curves and i think i still have them but he says different.

I think when you achieve your goal which at the beginning you think is never going to happen you say to yourself actually i can do this.

My husband tells everyone i'm obsessed with it, which i think i am a little.

You have done so much better than me, hats off to you, your achievement is awsome...

Well I had a TON more than you to lose

Yes, my husband thinks I am obsessed now too :-D ... and he's not far wrong. It IS nice when you look in the mirror and have to do a double take.

Hats off to all of us for addressing the problem of being overweight :-D
Feb 5th '18 20:40 PM
Really? All of them weight the same thing? Unbelievable.