How much H2O?

Aug 16th '13 15:57 PM
I never thought about drinking water that much during all of the years that I was stuck on coffee and soda, but now it makes sense. 8 glasses a day seems crazy but I am sure I drink a little more than that. How much is too much?
Aug 18th '13 14:42 PM
I read somewhere that you should drink so many ounces for how many pounds you are. I just stick with 64 ounces a day because I'm not a big water fan.
Aug 20th '13 21:22 PM
I try and drink 1.5 litres min but aim for 2 litres a day... that said I haven't even done a litre a day this last 2 weeks OOPS
Aug 21st '13 12:50 PM
I aim for two liters a day too, but getting two glasses down is a challenge! I obviously need to reset my short-term daily target if I am to get to the final one. I know water is good for me in every way, but fresh juices and tea are just so tempting!
Aug 21st '13 13:14 PM
I aim for 2 litres too, but have no where near that! I drink far too much coffee!