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Calorie Requirements for Weightloss when Mostly Bedridden

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' Forum started by Elexis, Jul 19th, 2016 at 19:02 PM.
Jul 19th, 2016, 19:02 PM  
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Calorie Requirements for Weightloss when Mostly Bedridden


I was wondering if anybody could help me work out what calories I should be eating per day to lose weight? I'm trying to lose through diet alone as I'm unable to exercise due to medical problems.

I'm 26, female, 5 foot 6 tall, weight 11 stone. I sleep 12 hours a night and spend most of my day lying down, I'm not 100% bedridden as I do get up and walk slowly to other rooms but that's about it.

Any advice appreciated,

Jul 20th, 2016, 09:57 AM  
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I'm no expert, but my best advice would be to always make sure you eat a decent breakfast. Make sure you're getting enough protein, as this keeps you feeling full for longer. Reduce portion sizes by 10 to 15 percent, and don't feel bad about leaving food on your plate. Eat your meals slowly so that you can pay attention to when you're getting full. Drink plenty of water, as being well hydrated will make you retain less water. That's all I have for the moment--hope some of it helps!
Jul 21st, 2016, 00:06 AM  
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Thanks for your reply
I'm hoping changing the content of my diet will help a lot - cutting out all of the biscuits, crisps etc. and increasing all the fruit and veg and wholegrains. I'm finding all the numbers stuff (BMR etc.) kinda confusing as they all assume a certain level of exercise / functionality which doesn't really apply to me.

My body usually tells me pretty quick if I'm not eating enough (I'm one of those folk who immediately gets dizzy etc.) so I figure I'll try eating a certain amount (I'm thinking 1200 calories a day) and if I feel rubbish bump it up.

Glad you mentioned the drinking more water - that's something I reaaaallly need to get better at!
Jul 21st, 2016, 18:37 PM  
jada brown*
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feeling sorry for your health, but a thing to mention that if you are not feeling good at the moment please do not try any thing for weight loss, it will certainly effect your health which is already not good, you can try anything after getting healthy, at the moment please don't cut your food down, the only way you can manage your weight is by drinking lots of water or you can go for beyond weight management tea, it is mended for weight management if you don't have enough time or energy for working out.
Jul 21st, 2016, 21:09 PM  
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I've found that my illness has improved quite a lot from eating loads of fruit and veg, whole grains and low fat dairy. And the added benefit is weight loss If you stick to unprocessed, unrefined foods, you might be pleasantly surprised.
Jul 22nd, 2016, 01:28 AM  
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Jada - you're right I have to be very careful, unfortunately waiting until I'm better isn't really an option since I could be ill indefinitely (I've already been sick 5 years). Maybe if I just create a small calorie deficit that might be okay, just will take me longer than most people. I've heard green tea is good for boosting metabolism so gonna try and drink that too

AliCat - yeah that's the plan hopefully I used to eat a really clean diet and my health was way better. Since eating loads of junk and gaining weight I feel really sluggish and have very little energy
Jul 30th, 2016, 21:31 PM  
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Well your BMI is just within the normal range at around 24.5 . If you use your info. to calculate your basal metabolic rate you burn around 1,458 calories by just living. If you are of a very low activity level you would need roughly 1,760 calories a day in order to maintain your weight.

So to lose weight, try reducing the amount of calories you consume a day to under 1,760. Even if you just reduce the number of calories to 1,680 a day you would still be able to lose weight just slowly.

The more you weigh, the more calories you need to maintain your body weight therefore the less you weigh your calorie requirement will also be smaller. This means you should try to periodically alter your calorie intake according to your weight at the time.

I highly suggest using an app such as MyFitnessPal to quickly record any food or drink you consume during the day. That way you will get an idea of how many calories you are consuming and you can use that information to tailor a calorie controlled diet that is appropriate to you.

If you are not active even some mild stretching for 30 minutes can actually help to increase your metabolism.

Regarding your 1,200 calorie starting goal, that is like the least amount of calories you should eat in a day before negatively affecting your metabolism and that is something you could aim for in the future if you get in a physically healthy condition to do that. I think that since you mentioned that you can start to notice pretty quickly with adverse side effects of you are eating too little it is definitely best to start off small by cutting down by 100 calories/day to begin with until you feel comfortable going down more. It is better for your current and future health if you don't dramatically reduce the number of calories your body needs to maintain its weight. If you keep portions small your stomach will shrink and you'll want to eat less at a time and I've found that chewing sugar free gum helps to reduce any cravings for crisps and biscuits and stuff.

I dunno about you but I can eat half a pack of digestives in one go without even realising and those are like 83 calories each! So gum helps ;P

Also spices!!! Shoving spices such as cayenne pepper and cumin and things into my food has really helped with cravings and it tastes blinking delicious too. Pulses help keep you fuller and lentils are a great way to get nutrients that you need whilst keeping you fuller for longer and they are like 1 calorie per gram which is epic!
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