Mixing it up

Jul 13th '16 14:04 PM
Hi, I am just starting following the Slimming World plan again on my own. My problem is that I struggle with commitment!!!! I will be right on plan one week and by the next I lose it completely!! I was just wondering what people's views are on mixing plans ie if I do a week of slimming world followed by a week of calorie counting. Will it work?????? Thanks
Jul 14th '16 09:20 AM
I think any type of diet control will work. It's all about reigning in the calories/fat/sugar whatever. I don't follow a plan anymore, I just eat more healthy, and it works for me.
Jul 14th '16 11:03 AM
Yes, I was just worried that if I do a week of calorie counting and then a week of slimming world, as slimming world can be quite high in cals it may cancel out the work done in the previous week of cal counting. When the newness wears off this time I may give it a go!
Jul 31st '16 16:07 PM
jada brown
if you are struggling with determination you may start with the lowest efforts, it will not bother you and once you get in habit of it you can increase gradually, do not force yourself for any diet plan because you cant fight with yourself for long, I can suggest you with a supplement beyond weight management tea. it does work y in weight management, you just need to have a cup of it half an hour before every meal.
Aug 2nd '16 12:43 PM
I've found treating myself helps. For example finding a new healthy recipe that I haven't tried before or buying myself new exercise clothes. Sounds a little silly but they all make me look forward to testing them out later on in the week so it pushes me to carry on each day. I found it tough for the first few weeks so decided to gradually decrease and/ or change food items one at a time. If you've been snacking or eating unhealthy for a long time then a dramatic change can be too much for your mind to cope with, thats were I realised I kept failing. I don't do slimming world, just calorie count at the moment, but like Ali said any plan will work as long as you're eating the correct amount of cals a day Online / group support will really help keep you on track too. Hope thats helped and good luck with it all
Aug 5th '16 14:10 PM
It might work... what works for one doesn't for the other. For me swapping to calories from SW worked but with it you still need good choices. With calorie counting I could pick good high fat and carb foods which also depended on my exercise that day. Do you exercise?