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Jul 12th '16, 19:37 PM  
Socially Shy
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Hi I am 56 next week, female, 5ft, and i have already gone through the menopause and i have had 2 children. I was 8st 4 and through exercise and calorie counting i am now 7st 4. My legs are too thin and my arms are thin , ive lost off my bust but i still dont like my tummy ( but i have lost off my tummy but im still not happy with it) has any one any advice thanks.
Jul 13th '16, 00:39 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2015
Location: Manchester
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Hi fizzy, welcome to social Slimmers.

I'm by no means any form of expert in exercise etc, but to me it sounds like you would benefit from doing some toning exercises for your stomach?
And possibly weights to build up the muscle on your legs and arms? You may need to increase your protein intake for that though...
That might sound scary because you're increasing the intake of foods, but if you do the right kinds of exercises, you'll build muscle tone rather than it being fatty, does that make sense?

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Jul 13th '16, 21:06 PM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: Jul 2016
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Hi sarah, yes i see what you mean i will give that idea a go thanks.
Jul 26th '16, 12:56 PM  
Join Date: Jul 2016
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Hi Fizzy,

I have a similar body shape to you - slim arms/legs, but any weight gain goes on my stomach. I find exercise has really helped to maintain a flatter stomach and smaller waist. I prefer cardio classes, but I also include a bit of strength work too. Maybe find some exercise classes that you like the look of and give them a go?

Well done on your weight loss, it just sounds like you maybe need a bit of toning now.
Aug 28th '16, 20:44 PM  
jada brown*
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tummy fat is even easier to cut but in your case it seems as your bally muscles are loosened, you should focus on that, in such cases herbal products help a lot, beyond weight management tea is a great product for weight loss and it also helps in tightening of weak muscles.
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