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Jul 11th '16, 21:10 PM  
Socially Shy
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Sugar Addict

Anyone have any advice on how to stop a sugar addiction. I'm constantly craving sweets and chocolate. If anyone has any tips I would love to hear them.
Jul 12th '16, 17:34 PM  
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I went cold turkey because I started eating Primal and no sugar was allowed on that 'diet'.
Jul 13th '16, 00:43 AM  
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Find something that you can have that helps to curb the craving.
Foxs Glacier fruits help me when I want something sweet. Saves me reaching for plenty of other things and because they're hard boiled sweets they take me ages to eat lol
Options hot chocolate powder mixed with yogurt works too. If you pick something thick like the fat free Greek yogurts, it makes it a bit cheesecakey. And good if you slightly soften an Alpen light bar in the microwave (10 seconds), squash that into the bottom of a bowl and add the yogurt and option mix on top. Add a few berries and it's a mini cheesecake type dessert

I've never managed to stop wanting sugar (not got the willpower like huntress lol) but I've found alternatives that help depending on what I'm wanting

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Jul 13th '16, 11:13 AM  
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I do have some now. I find myself buying a packet of sweets when I'm in a bad mood. Thankfully that's not very often.
Jul 26th '16, 13:02 PM  
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I was a total sugar addict too - I often skipped meals and instead snacked on biscuits and chocolate etc! I knew I had to do something as my eating was so unhealthy and so I followed a diet plan which allowed 3 meals a day and 1 snack, and which excluded added refined sugar. Because the meals were filling and nice (I actually looked forward to my meals) I had far les cravings between meals than I expected to, and I used my 1 snack on fresh fruit, which gave me a bit of a sweet taste when I needed it.

I find that the more sugar I eat, the more I want it (a bit like wine actually too!!) and so it worked for me to cut it out completely, but you have to replace it with satisfying meals too otherwise you'll never stick to it.

Good luck, it's tough, but worth it!
Aug 4th '16, 16:53 PM  
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Hartleys do a 5 cal jelly which seems to shut me up
Aug 5th '16, 14:08 PM  
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^ Haha me too sometimes, te raspberry specifically!

I also love defrosted berries, they are so sweet and great with total 0% fat yog.

Are you following any specific food plan before I make other suggestions?
Sep 6th '16, 19:27 PM  
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If sugar cravings feel uncontrollable, think proactively about what kind of distraction will help you overcome them. “Eat a piece of fruit. Go for a walk. Listen to some music. Call or text a friend. Read a fun article,” offers Gilbert. “Knowing what we’re going to do ahead of time is what makes all the difference.”
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