Overcoming hypothyroidism

Aug 13th '13 17:41 PM
Even with medication, I still persist in keeping on an extra 40 lbs. and I can't seem to lose any of it. I tried and tried for several years, and then gave up. My arthritis in my feet and knees has been getting worse so I really need to find a way to shed at least some of this extra weight to relieve the pressure and hopefully, give at least some relief from the pain.

I'm restarting my efforts to lose, by eating better and exercising more, but I could use some tips for losing weight when dealing with a thyroid that seems to have gone on strike.
Aug 15th '13 13:06 PM
I'm wondering if some of my problem is thyroid based. I was given thyroxine by my doctor a few years ago for either an overactive or underactive thyroid (I don't remember which as I was only there to get the all clear to go skydiving). I only took the first prescription and never got it refilled so not wondering maybe I should get it checked out again

Which is the one that makes you put weight on, underactive or overactive?
Aug 15th '13 15:24 PM
If you were prescribed thyroxine, that means underactive. Unless the doctor found a cause for as temporary problem with your thyroid, you are supposed to take that medication for the rest of your life. It can be very dangerous without it.