Jul 31st '13 14:04 PM
So I said size 12 was my goal ... I've made it with a handful of comfortable pounds I want to lose but now I'm totally undecided if I want to go further ...

I have a long pale face and in my late teens - early twenties I wanted to put on weight because my cheeks sunk in which is what I fear .... Torn!

Stay at 12 or aim for 10! Eek ....
Jul 31st '13 14:40 PM
I think it depends on if you feel comfortable at a 12 hun
Jul 31st '13 14:52 PM
Like Tezzy says, it depends how you feel! I was very torn for ages, cos my goal was 9st and when I hit it I was like, do I maintain or lose more?! In the end I gained but I just didn't feel entirely comfortable at 9st, so am aiming to get to 8.5 now. Worst comes to the worst, if you don't like how you look at a 10, you can always put a bit back on!

Tbh though, if you're eating healthily and going to the gym, you might find your body tones up and you end up a 10 without losing much off your face iykwim?
Jul 31st '13 17:17 PM
I'm comfortable just uncomfortable if my face starts sinking again (cheeks)!

You might be right PP!

Jul 31st '13 18:30 PM
It depends on how you feel. I would probably get to your goal weight and if you want to take it further then you can do a few pounds at a time until you're comfortable
Jul 31st '13 20:00 PM
It was always the size than weight I went for. That's the point I don't know if I want to go down 1 more
Jul 31st '13 21:13 PM
I'd just try it and see! And if you don't like it, have a few cream cakes I do think there's less chance of a gaunt looking face if you do it through exercise though x
Jul 31st '13 23:01 PM
Yer maybe I'll stop at my comfy weight in 12 and see where it leads me naturally x
Aug 1st '13 10:40 AM
My aim has always been normal bmi and breathing space with that. My 12's are getting loose and I'm not done I feel so now aiming for 10 bottom (already mostly 10 top). At my target I should be comfy in a 10. I was mostly always that size up until the last 3 lo's and I never had any issues with how I looked so I know I'll be happy Then I'm back to just exercise for health/toning. I have to say without you girls this year between here and fb I can't see I'd have got this close xxxx
Aug 3rd '13 07:34 AM
I know once a person starts to lose weight and size it becomes hard to stop, it’s like the mind enjoys the weight loss. But you are happy with your weight and size that in itself is a big deal. Now you should focus more on maintaining your size than reducing it.