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Meal replacement shakes

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' Forum started by Sadie, Jan 3rd, 2016 at 02:32 AM.
Jan 3rd, 2016, 02:32 AM  
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meal replacement shakes

do they work? is it a good diet?
Jan 3rd, 2016, 10:55 AM  
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I don't think so. They help you lose in the short term but as soon as you eat normal food again, the weight comes back on.
Jan 4th, 2016, 12:01 PM  
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I agree with Ali - they can be good in the short term, but once you start to eat proper food again, you'll pile whatever weight you've lost beack on.

Your best option would be to eat healthily, making sure you get plenty of fruit and veg in your meals, and making sure you are full from meals so you aren't tempted to snack in between meals on those calorific foods. You won't lose the weight as quickly, but losing it at 1-2lb a week is better as it makes it easier to keep off in the long term.
Jan 5th, 2016, 12:56 PM  
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Not really imo, which I say because I've done them and definitely not if you want to make permanent life style and eating changes to keep weight down. You will find many of them full of sugar also.

While I have done the plans and really didn't get on with them I did use them in the mornings because I struggled to eat breakfast, I needed to change the habit from not eating to eating... now I sometimes eat steak but that aside if you ever need a quick breakfast, a snack or small meal on the go get some protein from a reputable company not a meal replacement brand and some fruit.

Personal recommendation would be My Protein:
Jan 8th, 2016, 01:31 AM  
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If you get the high protein / low carb total meal replacement ones they are an easy option for 2 well balanced filling low calorie i.e (250-400) meals per day. The diets where you have nothing else are a bit extreme and unsustainable long term. The main issue like every one else has pointed out is when you go back to normal eating. Without good meal plans, organisation and a bit of practice it can be hard to match the scientifically balanced products with tasty real food and it is easy to slip into old eating patterns.
My advice would be keep a tub handy for emergencies when you know a good balanced meal will be difficult as they are quick, easy to carry and most the recent ones I have tried have been really nice tasting and filling.
Good luck with your weight loss.
Jan 8th, 2016, 10:09 AM  
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I did them twice and lost 4 stone for my wedding and 3 stone for my daughters but they don't work long term. If they did I wouldn't be here now doing Slimming World. All that time and money wasted.

Now I'm in it for the long haul and a whole change of lifestyle. I'm not looking at it as a diet but as the proper way to eat.
Jan 8th, 2016, 11:47 AM  
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They are full of sugar too which was my 'trap'. Keep you going but defo not long-term and who wants to lose weight short-term? I didn't ... thing is when it happens it then makes you believe it's pointless IMO. It's an easy 'trap' to fall into though as most people learn.

I love my food now!
Jan 18th, 2016, 22:07 PM  
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It really depends. Let me explain. I LOVE my meal-replacement shake, and I use it in the mornings for breakfast. I am not a big breakfast person, so without my shake I usually just skip breakfast (or eat a Poptart), which is not good. If you do replace a meal with a shake, I would only do it for one meal, and you want to make sure that you get a good shake. Not all meal-replacement shakes are the same. If they have artificial sweeteners, AVOID them! I am a teacher, so it is easier for me to drink my breakfast on the go, so I add fruit, almond milk, or granola to my meal-replacement shake to make sure I get all the nutrients I need. My shake is actually my healthiest meal of the day!! And, NO, if you are eating right and maintaining your exercises, you will not gain all that weight back when you quit your shakes. Hope this helps!
Jan 21st, 2016, 14:30 PM  
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My friend has currently started a VLCD meal plan which is just shakes and water and nothing else, it worries me as it sounds v extreme
Mar 23rd, 2016, 06:00 AM  
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Weight loss meal replacement shakes only lower the calories. If you replace a meal with a weight loss shake and eat more later in the day you won't lose weight.
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