Jul 22nd '13 09:15 AM
when you stress !

Are you a stress eater or you will skip meal and have no appetite ?

i think i am a stress eater
Jul 22nd '13 18:30 PM
Stress eater DEFINITELY! Im an emotional eater all round really haha, wish i wasnt.

Jul 22nd '13 18:58 PM
Angry makes me skip meals
Stressed makes me want to get a takeout
Emotional makes me want to dip chocolate in coffee
Jul 23rd '13 08:15 AM
If I'm stressed then I do tend to eat a little bit more. But if I'm anxious or worried about something then I just feel sick and have no appetite at all.
Jul 27th '13 20:25 PM
Most kinds of stress kill my appetite. I keep telling my husband that if he would tell me he's divorcing me and let me believe it for a month, I'd be skinny in no time!
Jul 27th '13 22:51 PM
When I am stressed out all I want is a Coke and chocolate. Sometimes I will grab one of those mini bars and I am satisfied. If I don't knock the stress out I reach for more chocolate! I don't really eat chocolate any other time.
Jul 31st '13 06:56 AM
EATER definatly!! not anymore though! I refuse to let it. im slowly learning not to emotionally eat, just makes you feel worse & you feel proud when you don't turn to food
Jul 31st '13 10:46 AM
Im not overly a stress eater... im a boredom eater!
Aug 2nd '13 19:56 PM
In my case, if I am too stressed and preoccupied thinking about my problems I tend to skip meals.
Aug 5th '13 08:56 AM
Tezzy right i think i am also a boredom eater as well !