WW or Slimming world?

Sep 21st '15 19:29 PM
hello, just joined u guys after a long absence from minicoms and now in a dilemma, WW or slimming world. Ive done both and had good results on the old points & red and green but things have changed a little these days and one favours me more than the other but with little variety. Its ww as on there filling and healthy food list theres pitta breads, crumpets and warburtons thins which kinda doesnt make sense to me but like alot of u i like my bread?
Im no good with the extra easy as my wife doesnt eat any veg apart from peas so meals are kinda basic unless i make it miself, so if i went back to sw it would have to be red and green, ummm decisions decisions.
Sep 21st '15 19:38 PM
Hi and welcome

I can't compare the two as haven't done WW since my early 20's and I eat tons of veg.

Whatever you choose you've found a great site for support along the way. Hope you manage to decide and have a good start.
Sep 22nd '15 09:16 AM
I've done both and lost on both too. But I prefer SW these days due to the variety of free foods that mean no weighing. It makes cooking a bit more family friendly
Sep 23rd '15 20:40 PM
I've tried WW and for me it was way too restrictive and too much faf, having to weigh and count everything. When I want food, I want it NOW! Which is why I love SW... Haha. But I agree, it really does depend on what you think you could do. I know a lot of people still stick to red and green days.

Good luck and keep us updated
Feb 9th '16 20:18 PM
I have lost weight on both and SW is much more friendly and just as effective
Feb 9th '16 20:37 PM
I haven't tried either but I know a lot of people who've had great success with Slimming World
Feb 10th '16 02:20 AM
I find that SW is much better if you want a permanent change, it's easier to keep as a long-term/permanent life change to guide you though a healthy lifestyle!

Whichever you choose I wish you all the best, starting a new diet in the first place can be very daunting!!

Feb 10th '16 12:30 PM
I've tried both, and they both work while you stick to them. For me, SW is easier to stick to, as you don't have to weigh/measure everything out and in the long term, that's always going to appeal to me haha.
Feb 16th '16 15:35 PM
Although I don't follow either weighing out food for MFP sometimes drives me mad