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Female Case Studies Wanted! Free weight loss Program Opportunity!

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' Forum started by Nikki_N, Sep 13th, 2015 at 15:06 PM.
Sep 13th, 2015, 15:06 PM  
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Female Case Studies Wanted! Free weight loss Program Opportunity!

Hey Everyone!

My name is Nikki,

After having my first child I gained a lot of weight, I tried endless amounts of weight loss programs and some of them worked, but slowly I always seemed to put back on the weight I had lost.

Since then I chose to just give up with the weight loss programs and do some research myself, I would sit at my computer for almost 4 hours a day learning about nutrition, fitness, workouts etc, I also decided to become a qualified personal trainer, and since then I have managed to get down to a lighter weight than before I had my child!

And the best part, I've managed to keep it off for over the last year and a half!

My friends would also ask me to help them lose weight but without the need to go to the gym, I would give them advice but they needed something proper to follow, so I decided to create my own weight loss program.

At first the program was both for men and women, and I had some great testimonials, although they are almost all from men!

The best one up to now is a man names grant, he lost a total of 29lb in 4 weeks!

This is his testimonial:
"Following a 2nd ACL operation on the same knee my rugby days were well behind me. I piled on the weight and ended up at 20 stone 12lb. I tried all the shakes and latest fad diets only to lose more tone and then gain more weight than I lost.
The first thing I noticed about the Slimmer and Trimmer You was how much energy I had despite the fact that the exercises would leave you with an empty tank the benefits could be felt for the rest of the day (I'm an early morning exerciser)
It wasn't long before I could see the results - my shoulders and arms were noticeably bigger and my chest was taking a shape that it hadn't had for years.
The biggest improvement however was my shrinking gut which dropped 3 belt holes !
In just under a month I achieved what I had been trying to do for 3 years!
I have another 5 weeks before I hit the beach and will be continuing with the programme.
Ive often looked at these kind of before and after photos and thought yeah ...right...
but now I realise it can be done - with a little commitment and the confidence that it does work.
Thanks again
Grant Smith"

The reason I am telling you all this is I need to add some female testimonials to my list!

I am looking for 10 females, who are interested in following a 5 week program for FREE, which is going to be sold for $37, and also a workout program which is going to be sold for $47, and are committed to the goal of losing weight fast!

All I will want from you is your names, weight, age, before and after photos and a testimonial, and you will get the program for FREE.

As you can see above, this program will work if followed, and if you follow the program this could be a great opportunity to finally lose those extra pounds you've been carrying around.

So if you would like to apply to be one of the 10 winners to get this free program, private message me and we will talk!


Please only apply if you are serious about losing weight, this program is not for everyone, if you want to lose weight without cooking the right foods or following a program, this is not for you. Please only apply if you are set of finally losing weight!
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