HcG Diet

Jul 19th '13 14:10 PM
Have you ever tried the HcG diet? I'm not wild about the idea of injections and extra hormones, but am interested to hear others' experiences.
Jul 19th '13 15:57 PM
HcG. As in pregnancy hormone? Is that really a thing...? How does that help? Is it not dangerous (especially) if you do get pregnant and don't realise?

Are you from the US? I didn't hink you could get hcg over the counter.
Jul 19th '13 16:13 PM
I've heard of it, but god knows how it works, or why you'd want to try it
Jul 19th '13 16:36 PM
Was just looking it up on Google (didn't know what it was) and found this:

At 500 calories of course you're going to lose weight. Looks like a bit of a scam IMHO.
Jul 23rd '13 12:48 PM
No wonder it works, at least in the short term. As if the HCG didn't make it dubious enough, restricting calories that much isn't good for the body.
Jul 23rd '13 19:25 PM
What I don't understand about this diet is why you need to take the HcG and restrict calories to 500 a day. They make it sound like a miracle diet, but eating only 500 calories a day is no miracle to me.
Aug 6th '13 08:04 AM
As far as I know selling of HcG related weight loss products is illegal in the United States.
Most people use HcG diet because it recommends severe calorie cutting, say just around 500 to 800 calories a day. Because of this those pursuing such a very low calorie diet are likely to lose weight, at least in the short term. Use of this diet has it risks too.
So my advice is use a diet program that doesn’t cause any side effects.
Aug 8th '13 14:57 PM
HcG diet is huge here in Las Vegas. You even get coupons for it.

Ugh I would never be ok with injecting pregnancy hormones into me to lose weight and restricting my calories that much.

There's also the Vitamin D diet over here, you get injections of Vitamin D and that is supposed to help you lose weight.