Feeling deflated...

Jul 1st '15 11:30 AM
Or rather inflated! I felt so good last week and I just feel hideously bloated and have gained a load of weight I've noticed my morning coffee is making me feel hideously bloated, so I'm thinking it might be a milk thing. I just constantly feel like I need a massive poo

Going to the health shop at lunch time to get some debloating tea and some advice!
Jul 1st '15 12:03 PM
Hi PrincessPikachu, sounds like, and am just guessing, bit of irritable bowel. There is an over the counter pill called Buscopan that helps with crampiness and bloating. Can get them cheap in most supermarkets. When I developed IBS first thing I notice was coffee was a major trigger. Peppermint or ginger tea also helps but avoid peppermint if have any trouble with reflux. Hope that helps and good luck finding a solution.
Jul 1st '15 19:21 PM
Thanks! I spoke to a nutritionist today and was asking about my bad skin and bloating and she said they could be linked. I'm going to try cutting down on coffee and cutting out the majority of dairy. She's given me some herbal tablets to try which will hopefully help!

I had a latte cooler from Costa before and bloated immediately will have to switch to soy ones!
Jul 2nd '15 13:51 PM
Hey hun,

Intolerance to dairy sounds more likely than the coffee ... I have cut down my coffee and to black. I have found I have intolerance to dairy also, it bloats me for a short spell, I noticed mostly when I had a yogurt before I went for a run I was seriously sporting a heavily pregnant look after my run I was considerably less bloated.

I haven't cut dairy from this but I have reduced and timed right ... haha!

TBH while I suffer bloating from certain foods and or bad choices I also feel shit because I know I have, it has a mental impact I think.

You just need that commitment again hun #hugs I'm half way there and dropping slowly unlike last time but I'm ok with that if I keep my fitness up (which I haven't this week oops).

As for bad skin ... having suffered it all my life if I stop water I regret it x
Jul 6th '15 18:46 PM
It's almost certainly dairy intolerance, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, cos I've wanted to cut it out for a long time! I've been almost dairy free for almost 2 days and feel so much better already.

I must have lost a lot already without the scales shifting cos I keep getting comments about how much I've lost, I hate to think how big I was a couple of months ago though
Jul 7th '15 19:37 PM
I don't eat much dairy but I would miss it to cut out altogether. Well done!

Belle xx
Jul 7th '15 20:37 PM
You poor thing! I think we all have one or two food items that really don't do our bodies any good. Well done on figuring it out and sticking to being free of the dairy. I hope you feel better in the long run for it. You probably didn't know how much it affected you.

Jul 8th '15 09:58 AM
Defo not.

Shapes always the true story