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Clean eating and water

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' Forum started by AprilSky, May 11th, 2015 at 15:53 PM.
May 11th, 2015, 15:53 PM  
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Clean eating and water

I am very curious about this. I am one unlucky person with rare allergy of vitamin C. I can't eat most of fruits or vegetables, so my diet can only hold on calorie amount I eat. I am just curious as I can't try myself, how does clean eating make you lose weight better than eating ready meals? And for me it seems if I drink more water than I want, I retain it so badly I never drink too much. Can someone explain how it aids in weight loss? Thank you
May 11th, 2015, 17:17 PM  
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Hi AprilSky
I can answer the water part. It was found a lot of people misinterpret thirst signals for hunger and that just drinking a small glass of water at the first signs of 'hunger' can sometimes stop the cravings for food.
The processed vs unprocessed debate is an old one. The argument natural is better than engineered for your body therefore promoting health etc.... I think the problem is that a lot of the science has been abused to make cheaper foods, not better foods. I think a lot of people forget many of our medicines are processed from the good parts of natural products. I can certainly agree that some palm oil laden, aspartame sweetened cheap tv dinner with factory farmed antibiotic and hormone filled meat isn't the best choice but its not like we can all pop outside and forage for our latest meal fresh from the organic dirt
Jun 9th, 2015, 14:31 PM  
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Eating clean doesn't mean you don't' have to moderate how much you eat but over all it's better for you ... you're cutting out long life and processed foods for a start.

Food eaten more in their natural state is typically less calories and all the rest that come with food. Eating 100 calories worth of fruit would be much better for you than eating a cake that is 100 calories .. why? Fruit is natural sugar, provides nutrients and health benefits whereas cake is filled with added sugar, white flour, processed carbs and no nutrients really which will follow with a sugar high then a drop which leaves us reaching for more snacks.

Clean eating should leave you feeling great and snacking less when you are filling up on good foods ... less added. Always read labels.

I do try and eat clean and do feel better for shifting out so much crap I ate for easiness.

Water ... keeps you hydrated, dehydrated can cause headaches and lack of enegrty and thirst is often mistaken for hunger but don't forget drinking lots of water is good for our skin too

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