Rosemary Conley's FAB diet anyone tried?

May 1st '15 10:13 AM
Looked on NHS weight loss pages and they review some diets. As I have basically sucked at all the past ones I have tried was looking for something new and inspiring. The Rosemary Conoly one got good reviews for long term success as it teaches portion control, balanced diet and gets you cooking. Just got the book and as soon as I work out a meal plan\shopping list will get cracking.
Has anyone else tried this diet? Any tips or problems you encountered? Any of the recipes that were really awesome or really bad? Does suck that most the recipes are for 4 portions and there is no realistic meal plan and corresponding shopping lists. There again there are loads of example days and options so guess is just a matter of sitting down and planning meals.
May 2nd '15 06:17 AM
I haven't try it but sounds like a great plan!
Jun 1st '15 16:15 PM
Kind of muddled through a week of this. Had one slip up where I gave in to my local takeaway. Is pretty good though. Struggling today with being back at work. By 1 had eaten all my days worth of food. Think I need to add more variety to the options. Each day am having the same breakfast and lunch but makes it easy to shop and prepare. Sunday i just got bored and got a selection of dishes from my local Chinese takeaway. Will see how it goes.
Jun 1st '15 18:22 PM
Are you doing this now?
Jun 1st '15 20:44 PM
Do you have to weigh foods?

Belle xx
Jun 2nd '15 08:57 AM
Yep been doing it for a week. Had good weight loss. Struggled getting started as have to plan quite a bit so don't waste food.
There is some weighing involved but most things kind of work out okay. My 50 g serving of Special K is the size of my bowl. My 450 ml milk allowance I just use a liter carton and take half daily. Not bothered about being ultra exact. Meat etc I can usually buy in the mentioned portions. Just takes good planning in number of portions vs once open use in x days etc. I found a low fat mature cheese that lasts 7 days from opening and by cutting it into 7 portions gives me pretty much the daily required portions for my lunch option. Saying that I still don't believe there is a 350 cal pizza with less than 5% fat that is one of the option choices.
Jun 2nd '15 11:01 AM
I've never thought of portioning out my cheese. I end up eating far to much of it so will portion it out so I know how much I can have.
Aug 12th '15 10:06 AM
I like Laughing Cow because it comes in portions