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Feb 19th '15, 20:16 PM  
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how to lose weight fast

I am 28 yrs. & height is 5'7 and i want to reduce my weight.I am also tried more plan but i didn't saw any kind of improvement in my body.it can be possible for me to reduce fat as soon as possible. please suggest me effective diet plan that will work & help me drop 20 kg in 4-6 months it is very necessary for me reduce weight help me.
Feb 23rd '15, 08:41 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Hi Emma, if you are reasonably healthy and lifestyle etc permits a week of 0 calorie or 'earn what you eat days' can be a good start. Its not healthy long term etc but it shows what you can achieve in a short space of time. More a game to learn about food options and how your body responds to exercise.

For example Day 1 :

morning : exercise bike 1 hour = 500 cals earned.
300 cals mixed nuts museli with skimmed milk + multivitimin.
50 cals orange as snack later. Water & herbal teas etc for 0 cals.
Bank 150 cals for lunch.

lunch : 1/2 hour walk = 150 more cals earned.
chopped up fruit salad 200 cals
afternoon snack large mug hot chocolate 100 cals or jacket potato or cereal bar etc..

tea : gym or jogging or dancing etc.. 450 cals
pita bread chicken kebab with lots of salad, chilies, cornichons, mint yogurt dressing, hot sauce etc.. 400 cals
supper : apple 50 cals

total about 0

don't have to be ultra exact. More about learning what foods contain the most calories and what alternatives you can have. Many recipes online for 300/400 calorie meals. Just look for foods you enjoy. I love curries and kebabs. Its often just a matter of bulking out the salad and veg for low calorie filler. Need to have a good balanced diet of fats\ carbs and proteins or you will burn out or damage your muscles. For every hour of exercise add an hour of relaxation preferably straight after and drink plenty fluids.

Your body will need about 1800 cals to maintain itself on that alone a 7 day attempt at this will drop you 3-4 lb's. With the metabolism boost, healthier eating and initial water loss I would push that to well over 10lbs.

The idea is to find out what you enjoy and what you can cope with. Kind of a hell week. After which you adopt the things that worked. Maybe just the half hour walk at lunch with a small meal after to negate one meal. Very worthwhile keeping a journal during this time.

Hope this is of some use. Most the diets out there will work for someone its just finding whats right for you. So you do not feel deprived and rebel or end up with something you cannot stick with as part of your daily life and put the weight back on.
Feb 23rd '15, 10:37 AM  
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Hi Emma,

Any diet that loses you weight dramatically will not stay off. Finding a plan that suits you first would be best... slimming world was a GREAT starter for me. You want to change your eating habits and lifestyle.

There are a lot of things to consider and factors into how quickly you lose weight. I lost more per week while at my biggest but as the scales went down my weight loss got less per week, this is normal. I lost around 60lbs in 2013.

Welcome to Social Slimmers
Feb 23rd '15, 16:07 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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I've done the Cambridge which was fast and effective whilst I was doing it.
But had to come off due to health issues and have piled the weight back on.
Feb 23rd '15, 19:15 PM  
Socially Shy
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I did the Cambridge as well and like Sazzle i put it all on again watching this post as i am interested as well
Feb 24th '15, 17:42 PM  
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Another suggestion is to eat healthily and throw in the 5:2 diet, I have not done this but I've seen many say they do this for a boost now and then rather than weekly!
Mar 19th '15, 05:46 AM  
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very good tips are available here you can do it any thing in these tips. but exercise is best for maintain your weight and body. join gym and take healthy diet.
Apr 24th '15, 07:34 AM  
SoSlim Newbie
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There is a better way.. Swap the all-or-nothing approach for one or two healthy switch-ups in your daily routine. Doing this can lead to more weight loss than you ever imagined..
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